Zumba Exhilarate

July 18, 2011 at 8:26 AM

I keep going into a short hiatus.

I’ve been extremely busy trying to do 1001 things. I’ve taken an interest in baking lately and I’ve been making lots of cupcakes! Mmm good cupcakes. I will post some pictures when I’m not being lazy. It’s actually 8 am now and I have been up all night and I seriously need a little bit of sleep so I’m gonna make this fast.

I’m waiting for my order from amazon.com to arrive. I hate expedited shipping. Also, before, I could track my package but this time I can’t. One thing I really wanna get is the zumba exhilarate DVD. the trailer looks awesome! This look like it could be the best zumba dvd! I miss doing zumba. I can’t do any dance whatsoever in front of my TV area because it’s currently using a mat. I need carpet or else I’ll slip and prolly break a bone.

Check out the zumba promo – it looks awesome! I love the club-like setting.

Anna Sui & Playboy Perfume Review & Mila AF4

April 10, 2011 at 11:42 PM

Like I always say, I have a lot that I want to post, lots of pictures I want to post but I never did. A lot of things keep happening that made me feel so lazy to blog nowadays. This is not cool. I bought my iMac with a hope that I will become more productive but unfortunately I become less and less productive! My hometown is starting to get to me. I feel lazy here. I don’t feel like doing anything here except sleep. It’s driving me insane because then I will get all depressed thinking about the time I’ve wasted in this dull city.


On April 3rd, I went shopping with my friend. We went to Ipoh Parade and at first I just wanted to look around because I’ve been spending thousands, yes, THOUSANDS in past couple of months (more like thousands in a month) so I’m really broke right now but who am I kidding? I can never go back home without even spending a buck on something x.x I decided to buy these: –


You see, I bought quite a cheap but really nice perfume a short while ago and after less than 5 use, it wouldn’t work! It won’t spray out the perfume.. wtf. So desperate, I went looking for another cheap perfume and found Playboy perfume for around RM45 which contains the perfume and deodorant in a box. There were 3 types – Play It Spicy, Play It Sexy & Play It Lovely.

The bottles are soooo cute!

I smelled Play It Spicy first and it was very nice! It does give the ‘spicy’ feel.. then I tried Play It Sexy, uh.. didn’t like it. It was a common smell to me and doesn’t even feel sexy with it.. but Play It Lovely is also very nice! I was basically torn between the two – Spicy and Lovely.. at last I decided to choose Lovely because it has a softer smell.. maybe soon I’ll get Spicy.

It also comes with a deodorant bottle (it’s in one box, but you can get them separately).

Then I went to a perfume store that we’ve never entered before. Didn’t even know there was a perfume store there carrying lots of different perfumes that we didn’t have before at the mall. Then I saw Anna Sui’s Flight of Fancy! I got to know the perfume from WenPink‘s entry. First thing that caught my eyes was the design of the bottle resembling a peacock… it’s very nice!

But it’s not just the look.. as soon as I tried the smell, I instantly fell in love with it! It has a very soft smell. Out of all the perfumes I tried, I liked this one the most. However there is one more fragrance that I really love – Hello Kitty for Woman!

I LOOOOVE the smell! I first tried this when there was a toys fair in PJ last year. If I’m not mistaken the ones for kids does not have alcohol? But I don’t like the smell for the kids.. but for woman it’s very nice! Kinda fruity-like smell. I wanted it badly. Unfortunately I couldn’t spend on both because then I’ll be extremely broke and I needed to go to KL so I decided to choose Anna Sui because there was only one bottle left, and there was a good discount. It was RM200 but I bought it for RM16x-ish.. I saw the perfume at Sasa store and they were selling it at RM180-ish.

So there goes my experience on purchasing my first expensive perfume haha. I can’t believe I haven’t bought my all time favorite yet – Lancome’s Hypnose. Maybe next time.

Also during that day, at another mall, we saw Mila AF! She was the winner of this extremely stupid Malaysian reality singing show called Akademi Fantasia that’s not even up to par with American Idol… no no no. It far worse. Anyways. I hate that show. Never cared about it but it was a surprise to know Mila was coming that night… all the fuss about her being very small are true! She is VERY SMALL! And she was even wearing high heels but still look very small. Her hair was bigger than her, I kept wondering if the hair would be too heavy for her haha.

It was still cool to see her.

I Need Sleeping Pills

February 6, 2011 at 6:26 AM

I need sleeping pills. My sleeping pattern is so fucked up now. It’s 6 am now and what am I doing? Am all still wide awake.

I feel so fat and bloated right now. Maybe because when I’m emo I eat, so I’m gonna have a hell of a time to lose it all. Need to starve myself next week. Watching Hell’s Kitchen isn’t helping either because the more I see them cook, the more I wanna cook and eat. It’s also funny to see the contestants getting injured by the kitchen utensils. I also find Gordon Ramsay to be strangely intriguing.. maybe cuz he’s British and I love guys with British accent.

I’m hoping by next week I can concentrate on my work again. Argh, my community sites are being neglected. I’m gonna have a hell of a time to update the scripts and all. I’ll say, if I don’t start working on them by tomorrow, then I better move my ass and find a job… I miss PJ so much, and I’m dying to go back there and find work there…so tempted… but things that are holding me back are the apartment and cats… I hate my apartment. No wait, I love my apartment…just despise the people there.. and the scary elevators..and I have so many stray cats that I feed daily and somehow I can’t part with them anymore.

Oh did I mention there’s 2 new kittens?

Not mine, and don’t plan on keeping them or taming them. It’s a complicated story…and apparently all of my outdoor cats are connected one way or another…lover,mother,cousin yada yada haha. I’m keeping my 2 kittens in my kitchen. The cat bite on my palm and puncture wound on my left index finger somehow still hurt if I press on them.. or if something like my table right now touching it. Why is it still not fully healed? It’s been a week. I’m finishing the antibiotic already even though I was supposed to finish it few days ago but I’m bad at taking pills. I hate pills. 2 days ago I found a lump behind my ear. Could be ‘cat scratch fever’. Thank God it’s gone now though. My arm also no longer hurt from the injection.

Alright I should try to get some sleep now.

Time Alone

February 1, 2011 at 2:29 AM

When I said I was glad the injection for my cat bite didn’t hurt, well I should have waited for a few hours.ย  Fuck me. Over 24 hours later, I can’t lift my right arm. It currently fucking hurt that nothing can touch it. I screamed a few times last night when I was lying down with my right arm pressed, and earlier tonight I banged my arm and fuck me, it hurt like hell. This is fucking annoying because I feel crippled. I had to ask my mom to help me cook my food because I can’t lift my arm, nor can have any pressure on my wound on my right palm even though it’s not painful to the touch.. but somehow it is when something else put pressure on it.

Well, my ‘alone’ time today was ok. Took time to kinda slowly recover from my depression. I’m feeling a tiny bit better today, so I think I’m gonna take some time alone for a few days today. It feels good to just ignore everything else and just do something that distracts you – in my case, I watched ‘The Golden Girls’ series. My mom did annoy me but didn’t give a damn today. I’m just emotionally tired from everything, I failed to give a damn. I’m sorry if I can’t give a damn about anyone at the moment… I’m just fucking tired.

I also had a weird dream last night. I was in Times Square Malaysia, but different look than the real Times Square, and I was with my friends (the group I was supposed to go out with last night) and we went to the very top floor which was a skating rink. As I was putting on my skates, we felt the ‘tower’ was swaying, and we could see the building outside moving from the window. Now this is the fucked up part because it felt so real, and I felt like that’s it… that was the end of our lives. The ‘tower’ and the whole mall is gonna collapse and I was experiencing a similar ‘seconds before death’ feeling which I assume what victims of similar situation e.g. twin towers incident felt. You know.. knowing you are confirmed to die in the next minute. It was HORRIFYING. Surprisingly…somehow… the swaying stopped. Everybody was rushing down the elevator and it stopped at 4th floor I think (as you know, 4 for chinese/japanese is death) and it just won’t go down. I got out, ran down the emergency stairs, and made out just in time to witness the whole building collapse. I felt like a celebrity after that cuz everybody was gonna interview me as the survivor.

Very fucked up. I don’t know why I had that dream. It’s probably related to my depression but still – fuck. It was scary shit okay… to feel and know that ‘seconds before your death’ experience. I feel so depressed now thinking that might be how victims of such disaster felt…

Still Recovering From Sickness

January 23, 2011 at 3:34 AM

I’m still sick ๐Ÿ™ Well not as sick as I was couple of days ago but I still don’t feel all that well. Feel like somebody is sitting on my chest.. I also have absolutely no energy right now to do anything. All I’ve been doing is sleep, browse net then sleep again.

Well I had an issue with my friend right? About him not caring and all that? Well talked to him tonight… had to let it out or else I’d go insane. What triggered me to say it? Let that be a secret. Surprisingly after all the talk he apologized. I was worried we’d end up arguing again because that’s what we always do, and glad we didn’t and I’m still having a drama-free life at the moment. Hope it stays that way. To those who were concerned in my previous post, thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

I think I should go to bed now, even though I don’t feel like it. I seriously need to get better so I can get back to my work. Urgh.

I’m downloading Kenan & Kel right now. I miss old Nickelodeon shows! I wish I can download the early seasons of All That.