Minggu Saham Amanah Malaysia (MSAM) 2011 PART 1

April 27, 2011 at 3:32 AM


I have finally made posting blog much more easier now so expect old posts that I’ve been delaying coming up soon. More on this soon but right now I wanna talk about an event we had for the past 1 week here in Ipoh.

It is called “Minggu Saham Amanah Malaysia (MSAM) 2011” that was held at Kompleks Sukan Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh (MBI) from 20th April until 26th April 2011. In English, it’s an event involving stocks, mutual funds and everything relating to investments. The event was organized by “Permodalan Nasional Berhad’ or PNB. PNB is one of Malaysia’s leading asset managers.

This event was huge. It’s unfortunate that it lasted for only a week. I noticed they built the tent thing for more than 2 weeks… all that hard work for only a week’s worth of event. Wow. But it’s not all just about banks, investments and asset management. There were other exhibitors too including cars, government bodies, and other companies, even food.

This is PART 1. PART 2 will be up tomorrow I hope.



Happy Valentine’s Day!

February 14, 2011 at 1:13 AM

Happy Valentine’s Day!

So as usual this year, I’m celebrating it alone hehe. Nah, it’s okay.. I’m actually happy being single at the moment. My priority is to get my career started, THEN only I can be bothered with relationship. Well as with most ‘celebrations’, this time the florist, gift shop and greeting cards company will be cashing in lots of money.. ka-ching!Β  So what are you getting for your gf or bf?

I had a great night tonight with my friends.. had sorta like a pizza party (Domino’s FTW!) and a movie night with a little bit of youtubing after. Well there is a saying, ‘laughter is the best medicine’. I’ve been some sort of a crazed workaholic this week working on my projects, with more than 15 hours of nonstop work everyday. So it felt good to just chill for a bit and relax. Actually I was a bit reluctant tonight cuz I only had 2 hours sleep.. but we watched ‘Grown Ups’ and it was quite good. There are some quite hilarious and well— disturbing scenes haha. So to temporarily forget about your stress, watch a funny movie.

I’ve also been watching Russell Peters and downloading his videos this past 2 days. He’s fucking hilarious man.

I need to go to KL to pick up my books at kinokuniya either tomorrow or tuesday but tuesday is public holiday so….. oh gosh, I wanted to continue my work after this post but I’m literally bobbing my head up and down and falling asleep while I type. Gonna rest now. Goodnight.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! First post of 2011!

January 2, 2011 at 2:29 AM

GOODBYE 2010 and HELLO 2011!

My new year celebration was sooo lame haha however yesterday was one of the best days in a few months. I didn’t think I was gonna go celebrate NYE. Suddenly at 7.30 pm my friend texted me and asked me what I was doing for NYE. When I said nothing she asked me if I wanted to join her and her friends and since I didn’t wanna be at home and have another lame NYE like last year (I fell asleep before the countdown!) so I said yes, I’d join them even though I don’t know her friends. Then Claudia called from London! Yay. So that made my night πŸ™‚ Then I rushed to get ready because she was on the way, and I dressed like shit, not knowing that there would be boys joining also. Blergh. So we went to the MBI park and just relaxed at the food stall and the boys ordered SHISHA!

I miss it. But it was more fun when I had it with my friends in KL. Gosh I miss them. I still remember in 2009 in December we were having so much fun because we just finished with graduation showcase and stuff. And KL shisha taste better actually. Anyways. We were just freezing our asses of there because it was still way too early. So until about 11-ish pm, we walked to the park, sat there, camwhored and when midnight struck.. NOTHING. Can you believe that? There was NOTHING! There were a lot of people playing with this glow-in-the-dark kind of toy by throwing them up in the air so I saw a lot of glowing stuff, but no countdown, and no fireworks! There was 2 small firecrackers 5 minutes before midnight but that was it! How lame. So we waited there until like 1 am because there was a heavy traffic jam on the road.. and loads and loads of bikes.. urgh. They decided to go to the other park we call ‘Polo park’.

On the way there they stopped at a gas station, and we all needed to pee badly, haha but can you believe it? They toilet for the girl at the gas station was locked?? So everyone had to share one toilet? OMFG eww! So we decided to hold it in and wait in the car when this one car park next to us to pump tyres. The dude had funky clothes and was in a rush, looked like a cartoon actually haha. When he turned his face towards me that’s when I saw it was SATHIA! OMG.

He’s the popular Malaysian comedian and I’ve been a fan of him since I was little. It was awesome to see him next to the car window haha. He was wearing Indian costume so I’m guessing he was here doing a show? He smiled at us and then I just screamed ‘HAPPY NEW YEAR’ and he said thanks haha Awesome.

After that we just relaxed at the Polo park, I ate ‘laksa’ and went back home at like almost 3 am. One thing to note is that there was at least 3 or 4 road blocks that I saw and nearby my house, there was one road block and when we reached the road block, she slowed down then kept going but was stopped by the police seconds after.. and guess what? The police just yelled at her for not stopping! WHAT THE FUCK. It was an honest mistake and she said sorry! We all thought the police asked us to keep going because the first road block at Polo park was like that, and also because he didn’t show the slightest sign of asking us to stop and gosh, I was just sitting there, with my jaw dropped open at HOW RUDE THE FUCKING POLICE OFFICER WAS! We’re not fucking criminals, and give us a fucking break, it was NEW YEAR! It’s not like we go out late every night whoring. No need to be so fucking RUDE. Gosh. Reminds me when one police officer stopped me because one of my tail lights was broken but instead he was asking stupid questions and ‘scanning’ my body with a torchlight…which was so fucking creepy. Euuurgh *shudders* But I rather have flirty police officer than one who yells.. scares the fuck out of me.

Anyways, even though it sucked that there was no celebration whatsoever in Ipoh, at least I didn’t spend it alone at home, especially since I left my cable tv smartcard in KL so I can’t watch TV. Argh. Anyways, I’ve also received my Christmas present delivered yesterday so yay, it was an awesome last day of 2010. I will blog about my Christmas present tomorrow. Wow can’t believe it’s 2011 already. Gotta think about my new year’s resolution.

Happy Ramadhan!

August 11, 2010 at 1:47 AM

Happy Ramadhan!
Happy fasting!

So tomorrow, actually it’s past midnight now so it’s today, muslims will start the fasting month.. I love fasting month, the only thing I don’t like is the temptation πŸ™ During the daytime when you see food ads on TV or when you go shopping and you see non-muslims drinking or munching something but you can only see. The good thing is that, fasting month means it’s only one month away from Eid celebration, so time for shopping! And there’ll also be lots of food in the evening before the break of fast. And also you’ll lose weight, haha.

Another thing is that, they say it’s the time of month when the satans/devils will be locked up. So this is the month where you can walk at night with confidence. It’s also the month where the dead will be free from ‘torture’. Funny thing is that, this month, for the chinese, coincidentally it’s their ‘The Ghost Festival/Hungry Ghost Month‘. For them, it is the month where the gates of hell opens and the dead walk amongst the living (I think). Funny how these two intertwined in the same month for 2 different cultures/beliefs this year.

Speaking of ghosts, few days ago, I was paranoid. You see, my cat would usually sleep calmly at night but that one night, she was just staring at a corner as if she saw something that I can’t see.. she had that look as if she sees a stranger, with a shocked look on her face. I got so scared because I’ve had some strange occurrences since I was young (yes creepy ones) and few days prior to that, I had the scariest nightmare that made me wake up with my heart beating so fast and hard. Yes it was THAT scary and I have high tolerance for nightmare and scary stuff, so for me to be that scared means for those who gets scared easily, it would KILL you. It was pure nightmare.

Also my house has been broken into before. Whenever I’m here, I always get scared when I hear any noise outside. I prolly would be less scared if I had security cameras or any sort of security system in my house. My neighborhood gets so lonely and so quiet at night, you won’t even see a sight of stray cats outside… that’s how lonely it is. You could literally hear a pin drop, that’s how quiet it is. Since I sleep in the living room downstairs, so I have to turn on TV at night so I don’t get paranoid or hysterical.

Oh yeah, I was sick last week right? On Sunday, I woke up with no voice. I lost my voice but thankfully I gained back my voice few hours later before I went out with my friend. I seriously thought I was getting better.. but boy was I wrong. The next day I woke up with no voice again, and this time IT STAYED. This past 2 days I’ve been struggling to talk, and been using sign language. Now I know how deaf/muted people feels like. I also was coughing so badly last night to the point of vomiting. So mom gave me her cough syrup that she got from the hospital and it seems that it kinda worked. I gained back my voice a bit today, and so far I haven’t been coughing like mad.

Well I’m kinda busy with my new website now, need to finish it asap, so I’m gonna get back to it now.

GleeKL: Glee Flashmob in Malaysia!

May 3, 2010 at 11:39 PM

I just found out today, after reading a retweet by my friend, that we’re having our own Glee flashmob! Woot!

I’m SO THERE. Being a huge GLEE fan and all.

At first I was hesitating, since I just found out about it today and then the first rehearsal is TOMORROW. I don’t know the dance! But then after watching the video, I learned the dance in an hour. It’s a piece of chocolate frosting oreo cheesecake. Easy to learn. So if you haven’t registered or don’t even know about the flash mob or a huge fan of Glee, what are you waiting for? JOIN IN. The more the better. This would be my first flash mob. Last time they wanted to do an MJ flashmob right after his death but it got canceled. I was sad. πŸ™

Join in the fun at the Glee Flashmob Dance Kuala Lumpur!