December 7, 2010 at 4:31 AM



I wasn’t planning on buying it …yet. Usually I’m against to sudden decision of buying something without doing a thorough research and survey first but I don’t know why last Friday I had this sudden urge to buy it on the spot.

You see, I’ve been wanting a Wii for a long time. I promised myself that I’d get something I ‘want‘ not ‘need‘ this December. I’ve been trying to decide between an xbox 360 with kinect or playstation 3 with move or nintendo wii. I’ve been leaning towards xbox kinect but it’s still new and launched last month so I’m kinda hesitating. After asking a few places, they told me xbox 360 + kinect cost RM1700+… omg. Way over my budget. PS3 is around RM1300+… but my wii is RM850. A few other places sell it at RM900+ though. You can get it cheaper though at some places or if you know some people… or 2nd hand console.

So I decided to buy a wii on the spot. I don’t know why! I am going to KL this week, I should have waited and ask in KL in case there’s a cheaper one but I figured if there’s anything wrong with the console within its warranty period and I’m still in Ipoh, there’s no way I’m going back to KL just to get it repaired.

The store is ok. The Wii package comes with the soft-modded Korean wii, its normal accessories like the nunchuk and remote.. and charger.. and manual in korean >.< Well it’s already soft-modded and even though I’ve lost the channels to buy wiiware and shit, but at least I didn’t have to softmod it myself and risk of bricking it. It’s way more complicated than dsi… It also comes with an portable external DVD drive to put my games in instead of using the wii dvd drive.

Originally I wanted the black US wii, and since NO ONE in Ipoh (that I know) sells the black un-modded US wii here, so I had no choice. It also comes with free 10 games which all sucks from that store… but the good thing is that I can play it and if I don’t like the game I can exchange it hehe. They still owe me like 6 games which I’m gonna exchange once better game arrives. I could download but DAMN, 3+ GB per game… I think it’s time to ditch streamyx connection and go for Unifi.

Also after 3 confusing days of reading wiihacks.com, i finally figured out how to use my portable external HDD to play downloaded games ๐Ÿ˜€ This way it’s easy to backup (or download) games and store it in there so in case I’m taking my wii to anywhere, I don’t have to carry 10000 DVDs with me.

I also bought like 9 games today. Finally found one store that do sells wii game in Ipoh. Sheesh.

Anyways, if I found a cheaper wii in KL, there’s nothing I can do. So now I”m back to being broke cuz I’ve used up my savings >.< So now back to saving again for my Nintendo 3DS fund.. Also I went to PC Show last Friday before I bought my wii.. umm Ipoh’s pc fair is getting lamer and lamer.. nothing special anymore. Just lots of annoying broadband promoters from Maxis and DiGi. It’s so annoying when you’re trying to enter the place and at least 5 people from either DiGi or Maxis (no Celcom?) asking if you wanna use their broadband. For the 10th time, I already have streamyx at home and no matter how shitty it is, it’s still way better than their portable ones.. AND I use my BB to tether to internet from my laptop.. so I don’t need a portable broadband anymore >.< Plus I’m blacklisted anyway haha. Maxis is evil.

However they do have cute mp3 players and cartoon-ish flash drives.. I want! Sooooo cute!ย I like the doraemon one.

Last but not least, Salam Maal Hijrah 1432 or Happy Islamic New Year! My resolution is to do more good deeds this year.

Alienware O___O

November 7, 2010 at 12:05 AM

I changed to a new layout!

I only wanted the old layout halloween. I wanted to change to a wintery, christmassy type of layout but I fell in love with this layout too much. This layout will stay for a while. In fact, I think I’m gonna make a new blog and use this layout too.

I went shopping today. I have lots of pics to post but I’m not in the mood for that tonight. I’m way too tired, so I’ll post tomorrow. I’m thinking of opening new blogs, and switching my main site (kirameki-angel.net) to a portfolio site. Should I? Still in planning though. I am however working on a new movie review blog. I watch a lot of movies so I want to blog about them somewhere.. this blog is more like a personal blog/ranting space for me though.

I desperately want to go to kinokuniya. Even though I have a fear of driving to KL now, I’m still going back for 2 days next month so I could go to pc fair.. well it’s more like a digital IT expo but I know it’s a pc fair in disguise. Well I wanted to get a mac there but oh well.. looks like it’s not gonna happen unless some miracle happens.

I mentioned I want a mac in my previous post…ย  might as well mention a laptop I so badly fricken want and dream of having but could and would never own… in the market, before I bought my laptop, I keep seeing Asus laptops being the most expensive,and powerful mostly for gaming… until last year’s pc fair when I saw…



I finally saw and touched the most powerful and super sexy smecksy alienware at last year’s pc fair (or was it this year’s?)

Gosh it was too pretty….. I’m actually scared to even dream of owning one! It’s way too sexy for me…!

Good God.

I drool.

I’ve actually wanted an alienware for a long time already. It was only last year that Dell finally decided to bring alienware laptops into Malaysian market. It’s the most expensive and prettiest and sexiest gaming laptop I’ve ever seen it also come with one of the 2017’s top graphics cards for gamers. If I owned one,I would be too scared to even touch it as it’s too pretty and so expensive. If I took it out I’d fear of dropping it, breaking it or losing it and somebody stealing it. It’ll end up in a glass shelf with a tight security.

Honestly to say, alienware look kills macbook pro look hands down. Performance wise I can’t compare because mac and pc are different and each has its own pros and cons so it’s unfair for me to compare and judge. But if I had one,I’d be staring at it for hours instead of using it. Huhu,

Oh alienware, why are you so sexy and pretty and majorly expensive?!

I mean look at THIS!


I drool.

And of course, it has the ability to act as a fucking visualizer. Go figure. Why am I tortured like this?

I die.

I Want An Apple :(

November 6, 2010 at 1:24 PM

I want an apple! ๐Ÿ™

No, not THAT apple.. THIS apple!

I want a mac T____T

You know, it’s so weird. I used to be against mac.. but lately, the more I see people using it, and the more I try it, the more I want it. If I have a mac, I could freelance and take editing job and earn extra money. I can no longer rely on my poor Acer laptop.. don’t even mention my KL’s whitebox computer that cost mom a frigging RM9000. Can’t even use it. It lags like hell. I’m starting to be against PC because after a year, PC become useless if you don’t upgrade. Fuck that, ok. I’m not rich to keep upgrading my computer.

That’s why I want a mac T___T Actually I want a few of apple products like:


I badly want this. The reason is that it’s better than a macbook in terms of specs. Of course it has bigger screen, space and processor. Perfect for editing. Unlike a pc, having an imac is less cluttered than having a PC. Takes up much lesser space too compared to PC. Plus an apple product is handled by apple and not mixed with different companies for each hardware. But I can’t decide between this and-


The main reason for wanting this is because it’s PORTABLE! It’s easier for me to do freelance editing and edit stuff in front of clients. Comparing this to my acer laptop, macbook pro is far superior. The battery lasts longer too compared to my 1 1/2 hours acer laptop on lowest bright setting. The only downside is that the screen is small… editing on a 27in screen is way better. Specs-wise, it’s lesser a bit than an imac but still superior than my current laptop.


Oh gosh I’ve been wanting an Iphone for such a long time… and I was hoping I could get an iphone 4 but I got the Blackberry Storm2 first and fell in love with it, so I didn’t get an iphone. Even though I love BB to death, I’d still want an iphone for entertainment. It’s well known that you can get almost any kind of apps for iphone unlike BB which is geared towards business people.


I’ve also been longing for an ipod touch for a very long time… the only downside is that it uses wifi only. But good side is that you can still use apps but not tied to any phone company. This can be an alternative for entertainment while using my BB for 24 hours internet connection and push mail.

You wanna know what else I want?

A kindle!

There are ebook readers in Malaysia as alternative to kindle since amazon don’t ship kindle to Malaysia, nor offer its contents to Malaysian, but I don’t like them. You have to download books on your comp then transfer to your reader. Kindle is way better and way cheaper too. I want kindle ๐Ÿ™ Even though I can use kindle and its contents on my BB, it sucks reading an ebook on a BB.

Why oh Why?

I’ll just go listen now to my complete set of Harry Potter audio books that I downloaded couple of days ago :\ Funny, I don’t remember where I saved my HP audio books that I downloaded before… oh well. I want to go to Kinokuniya:(


My Nintendo DS Game & Rinko Case From AmiAmi Has Arrived!

October 14, 2010 at 5:21 AM

My package from AmiAmi arrived on Tuesday! So I’m gonna blog about it. Before I ordered from AmiAmi, I was skeptical about the service, especially EMS shipping, and I tried googling but I could not find any blog posts that reviews the details of the package arrival from AmiAmi. I did find one but it was a bad blog post about the package being sent to a different person. -_____- So I hope this can be a guide or information to those first timers who are wondering about AmiAmi or EMS Japan Post.

In my previous post, I mentioned that I had a bad experience with EMS when my package arrived all torn, and squished. I was wrong. Turns out that was CHINA POST EMS and AmiAmi uses JAPAN POST EMS (duh, they’re in Japan). Clearly Japan post is much better. More details below.

After you order and pay up to AmiAmi and selected EMS shipping, you can track your parcel from Japan Post website. It was a bit confusing however on that inward and outward office of exchange thing. I’ve only used DHL for express shipping when I ordered stuff from Amazon and DHL tracking system is easier to understand (and much more detailed & instantly updated) as mentioned in my old posts from NOVEMBER 2006 and DECEMBER 2006.. while EMS updates a little bit while later. I didn’t even know that my package was out for delivery until a day later, lol.

But then again, this EMS was a lot cheaper than my previous DHL.

Above here is the tracker from Pos Laju Malaysia.

Once it reaches Malaysia, it’ll be handled by our local domestic express post, Pos Laju. So the difference is now you can track using Japan Post AND Pos Laju. Again, everything was updated a bit later… but it does mention the item is being delivered and who received it. The guy called my phone, so I told him my mom would go out to pick it up (since I just got up) so he didn’t need any signature from my mom. Hehe, they wrote my name as Liana ๐Ÿ˜› For a minute I was like OMG WHO THE FUCK IS LIANA?! And then I realized that’s part of my middle name -____- Blonde moment. I’m just not used to it cuz in my whole life, that was the first time somebody used half of my middle name instead of my first name.

All photos were taken using my BB Storm 2 without sufficient lighting, hence why they’re blurry.

My package arrived in about 4 days. It was shipped on Friday evening (received the notice at about 6 pm-ish) and received it at 10.30 am on Tuesday so roughly 4 days. Not bad.

The plastic was a BITCH to tear! Seriously. Not even with knife! It was way too thick. And the glue was so strong that I had a hard time ripping it off to open the box. But I’m glad the box arrived perfectly. Well a bit dented a๏ฝ” the corners but that’s normal. Glad they listened to me and taped the ‘FRAGILE‘ notice at the side.

And glad the customs didn’t try to open the box.

Of course, the first ‘person’ to be extremely hyper and excited would be my kitty, Jojo aka Nana. She can NEVER see a box/parcel. She always get to excited. If you look at my NOVEMBER 2006 & DECEMBER 2006 posts, you can also see how excited Jojo was. She’s my little helper.

After I managed to open the box, she quickly got inside the box trying to tear/take out the papers inside. She was really working as hard as she could to tear it.

And I mean REALLY trying hard to take the papers out. AmiAmi didn’t have any air bag thing on top of my stuff, they just have lots of layers of papers. I’m okay with that since the box is thick and sturdy enough.

Jojo didn’t manage to take out about 5-10 layers of papers, and she got exhausted. So she gave up and got frustrated. She’s now thinking what other ways could she do to rip it all out. So I took her out and took the papers out myself. So much for my little helper.

Tada! I’m happy to see my stuff in good condition. The DS game box is in those protective bubble that you can pop ๐Ÿ˜€ My Rinko case has no bubble protection but I’m surprised at how thick the box is.

And Jojo goes “My job here is done!“… yeah right, as if she was any help, hehe.

Anyways, jokes aside, here are my two stuff that I ordered from AmiAmi. My Nintendo DS Love Plus+ (LovePlusPLUS) and Rinko Kobayakawa protective case for DSi with 13 changeable images. Arrived in perfect condition, no damage or anything.

Ahh.. my own virtual girlfriend simulation ๐Ÿ˜€ I have just thrown myself to the loserville to join with those ‘ronery’ (lonely) otaku/old men/women with their virtual gf. Hehe. It’s SO MUCH better now because the game doesn’t keep refreshing itself, and I don’t keep getting the annoying ‘save your game‘ message everytime I do an activity. Being ‘JACK SPARROW‘ sucks but can’t help it. I’m a poor person.

Like I said, I’m surprised the box is very thick. The images look nice ๐Ÿ˜€ The papers feel smooth and silky, not a regular thin paper. It’s a HORI product, so you can expect quality. If it wasn’t for the 60% off, I wouldn’t get this casing. Too expensive.

ใ‚ใใใใ๏ฝก๏ฝก๏ฝก ๅฐๆ—ฉๅทๅ‡›ๅญใ€‚ใ€‚ใ€‚ใƒชใƒณใ‚ณใƒผใƒใƒฃใƒณ๏ผ็งใฎๆ‹ไบบใงใ™๏ฝž๏ผใ‚ใฃ๏ผ้•ใ†๏ผ้•ใ†๏ผ็งใฎๅ‹้”ใงใ™ใ€‚

I’m happy that the protective case is not as thin as my old cheap case that I bought for my DS Lite. But changing the picture is a bitch. I’m scared of breaking any small part or hinges since my fingers are prone to do so, so having a hard time opening the case and changing the photo. But I’m changing them once a month anyway.

Ok I’m done. My back hurts now from sitting for too long writing this. I wish I have my own spa to relax in. At least a bathtub with candles around, and aromatherapy oils.. having bubble bath in a jacuzzi just to relax my muscles.. *sighs*


I Spent Some Yen at AmiAmi

October 9, 2010 at 2:50 AM

I decided to suck it up, stop bitching like a failed pirate and bought the damn ‘Love Plus+‘ game yesterday from AmiAmi.

If you read my long review on Love Plus+, I mentioned about the ultimate anti-piracy that Konami implemented. Unfortunately even with patching, the game still have an issue if you’re using AceKard 2i running on Akaio 1.7.1. Also unfortunately, I’m aware that Akaio team is working on version 1.8, but their last update was in July… and I don’t think anyone is aware about the Love Plus+ problem in real time mode or care about it so I decided to buy the damn game.

Play-Asia is still having the ‘back ordered‘ status and I have no idea when they’re gonna restock so what the hell, not gonna wait for P-A to restock. I actually prefer buying from P-A because I’ve bought Guitar Hero DS game from them before and DSi Hori protective screen filter using the free shipping and they arrived in great condition in only 2 weeks. If I wasn’t desperate for the game, I’d take advantage of free shipping…however P-A also ships using FedEx and it only cost USD$10 (around RM30 which is acceptable). It’s cheaper & faster than EMS Speedpost. FedEx takes about 1-3 days, and EMS takes 2-4 days but cost like USD$15 and it’s local hong kong express post.. not sure why it’s more expensive? Plus when it reaches Malaysia it’ll be handled by our local post office which is another thing.

I had my first parcel from EMS all torn, squished, scrunched up and just plain bad. I don’t know whether it was EMS fault or our local post office.. but then again, I received my other stuff perfectly at the local post office so I don’t know who was being careless…

So, disappointed, I tried searching for other place but I can’t find a place that sells the game ๐Ÿ™ Someone suggested ‘AmiAmi‘, which is a hobby & character shop in Japan. It’s great that their price is almost the same as P-A except a buck cheaper (10% off) however they only have EMS post for faster shipment! Kinda skeptical to use EMS now since first impression wasn’t good… Their normal post would probably take a month to reach here, wtf. Since I couldn’t find any other place… and amazon JP is all in Japanese ๐Ÿ™ and amazon US sells the game DOUBLE the price.. so I decided to order from AmiAmi and not care about EMS shipment. And guess what!

They have this casing in stock!

I need a new casing for my Nintendo DSi since the silicone skin is falling apart. It’s so annoying to play a game with the silicone skin hanging because it won’t fit the DSi anymore (all stretched up). At first I wanted a new pink silicone skin so it’ll match my Dsi but then I saw the Rinko casing at P-A and guess what? It’s friggin out of stock/sold out! GAH!


AmiAmi is having a friggin 60% off on the Rinko’s case! Wtf! Perfect timing! So now it only cost 850 yen (USD$10) instead of retail price of around 2,480 yen(USD$30)! There was only 4 left in stock. You know, for most online sellers in the US, they’re selling it double the price wtf. The highest I’ve seen so far is at the ridiculous price of USD$70! Are you crazy? USD$70 for a simple transparent casing with 13 papers that have Rinko image on it?? Are you kidding me?? That’s around RM217 after converting to Malaysian ringgit… omg.. normal casings here are usually around RM10 to RM30 bucks depending on quality. Really, wtf! If I add about RM200 more I could buy a new DS Lite console… crazy.

So I decided I’d buy the game and the casing. Now, here’s another story. This is my first time placing an order from AmiAmi, and from Japan so I don’t know how they do things. After placing an order, I have to wait for them to quote the shipping price. I’m glad that the next day they told me the cost of shipping is only 1000 yen (USD$12 or RM37). It makes the total cost 5900 yen (USD$72) or around RM225. The price is ok considering I’m buying original DS game plus a cheap discounted casing with express shipping. The cost of a DS game sold in Malaysia is really expensive to us…which explains why I had to resort to piracy. I only buy original stuff if I extremely like the product. There’s no way I’m ever gonna spend so much on shovelwares (crap DS games).

Usually when I buy stuff, they’d have the online payment system which is easy but for AmiAmi, you have to pay by paypal according to their instruction. First time paying for goods using paypal so I didn’t know you can’t use any balance in your paypal account but need credit/debit card instead. Gah. Only card in my paypal account is my debit card, which has no savings account.. so only way to put money in, is to go to the bank and fill up the deposit slip. It was already late so only choice was mom’s debit card.

I tried transferring my money to my mom’s account (3rd party account) for the first time. Epic fail.

Because little did I know, for my bank, if you transfer funds online before 12 noon, the money will be processed the next day. GAH. No wonder the money wasn’t appearing in my mom’s account. So I went shopping, then at night went to my mom’s bank to deposit more cash to my mom’s account. Fuck. Epic fail again. There were 3 machines, and 2 couldn’t process my mom’s card somehow, and I wasted like an hour queuing up! Thankfully, one machine worked but it could only accept RM200 instead of Rm250..wtf. I need to pay Rm225 damnit! But at least later, paying AmiAmi went smoothly.

They shipped it today! Got the email from them in the morning confirming my payment and by evening they confirmed the shipping. So I hope to get my stuff by Monday or Tuesday. I just hope it won’t get squished or broken ๐Ÿ™

So that was my lame story of spending my ‘first yen’ at a Japanese online shop. But screw it, I haven’t bought anything for myself in like 2 years.. so what the hell.

Date Status Details Office Prefecture
ZIP code
Oct 8
Tokyo metropolis
Oct 8
Arrival at outward office of exchange
Tokyo metropolis

My stuff is in Tokyo right now ๐Ÿ˜€ Oh how I miss blogging about my excitement of getting a parcel like how I used to. If you knew me, you’d know I’m the kind of person who gets extremely excited when a parcel of stuff arrives ๐Ÿ™ Pathetic right? Speaking of parcels, I haven’t bought any TV Series boxset DVD from Amazon in a looooong time. Last time time I ordered was around Christmas in 2006. Wow, so long ago. But then again, back then I had my ex to pay it for me (as xmas gift) so nevermind. I’m thinking this year I want to get one or two boxsets from Amazon, but we’ll see how my budget goes.. I’m thinking of buying a Mac as Christmas gift for myself, so have to save up. I need a mac to do editing. I’m considering it an investment for a small business opportunity (aka freelance editing job). I might need it if I get a job next year too. But I want more Home Improvement & Golden Girls DVD!

Anyways, Claudia left yesterday and is in London now. Jealous. ๐Ÿ™ Now she can ogle at cute British guys and I’m still stuck here. In Jan, another friend of mine is leaving to UK too.. Oh well.

On another different note, ADAM LAMBERT WILL BE IN MALAYSIA IN A FEW DAYS!!! If I had money, I would’ve bought his most expensive ticket and go crazy like a mad psycho fan! I would try to win tickets hoping to be lucky like I was with Good Charlotte’s concert in Singapore in 2005.. but I don’t want to drive back to KL and enjoy the concert alone….

I’m thinking of switching layout! Kinda sick of this layout now…. layout hunting has started…

PS: These charms are soooooo cute aren’t they??? To be released late November. Since I’m a sucker for cute things, I want them.. it’s very cheap currently at AmiAmi (USD$14) compared to YesAsia (USD$27). To get them or not… hmmm.