Bubble Milk Tea

April 11, 2010 at 3:02 AM

Bubble milk tea

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There’s this bubble tea store at the new opened Carrefour called ‘Cool Blog’… I”m so addicted to it!

It’s not the usual powdered bubble tea.. it uses real fragrant tea that they make themselves so the tea has very strong fragrant taste… at first I didn’t like it, but I’m beginning to really love it now and am kinda addicted… Thinking about it makes me wanna have one now.. πŸ™


Nokia N97 Launch

June 7, 2009 at 4:56 AM

So I’ve had quite a busy week. Sort of. Lots of stress, tension, emo-ness, depression and fun.

On Friday, I went to class.. and my group was supposed to present 2 music videos. One chose Pearl Jam’s Jeremy, which has always been one of my favorites due to the fact that the music video was inspired based on a true incident where a kid walks up into his class and shot himself in front of his classmates. The music video is very grungy, experimental-like and it gave me me lots of ideas on how to do my experimental self portrait video. Total awesomeness. Never thought of that. Me however get to present a video of my choice and I chose Lordi’s Blood Red Sandman. Love that video and the song to death.

After class, me and Skyler did our project for media studies, then went to Wendy’s, discussed our assignment, played with Pekingese puppy for an hour (omg she was SO FRIGGIN CUTE!) and then went to KLCC and then went to Nokia’s N97 launch at Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Big love to Skyler for inviting me as her guest πŸ™‚ It was..so so then awesome. Well the launch part was boring, lol but then again which launch isn’t. I mean the phone is cool, lighter than Skyler’s N96 but I didn’t get to play with it cuz I was starving, so my focus was only on the food. The mocktail was so addicting. Love the taste that I must have had at least 4 glasses that night. Omg. The food was AWESOME. Seriously.


We had to sit on this weird looking boxes-like stool/seating thing.. but our had padding so my ass didn’t hurt —- that much.



I only took pic of the veggies section. People was already queueing up so I couldn’t get more pictures.


My plate. Lol. Looks gross huh? I took lots of stuff.. like the kebab… some mushroom.. which was really nice, with its thicky gravy.. salmon, some sirloin beef which was tender … completely love it.. erm risotto .. some chicken breast.. er.. some cheese bread pudding or something.. nice too… er… some curry lamb i think… I forgot what else I took.. huhu.. maybe some veggies I think. Funny, I don’t eat veggies but the food looks so tempting, even veggies.


Dessert! Didn’t take the fruits at the end because I was too full, but we did try some stuff.. like those in the glasses.. I forgot what they were called.. all are international food, no Malaysian food. Those in glass, was sour. No sweetness either. Didn’t really like it that much. However the one in small glass is nice πŸ˜€ The yellow part is REALLY sour, but once you eat it with the white thing, it taste DAMN GOOD. I also took er— some peach cobbler which was damn nice too, some chocolate pudding thing, not really pudding but I don’t know… but that one wasn’t very nice.. Β the lime pie (or something) was awesome too.


My addiction for that night – mocktail drinks. I didn’t even care sprite or coke or whatever.. or even my temptation for the wine and champagne that they were serving πŸ˜›


One of the strangest things at the event was that there was a booth where you can get your face painted, and you can wear wigs and take pictures in them.. and also cosplayers! There were like people dressed up as Jack Sparrow.. some movie characters I don’t even remember the name .. lots and lots of them.. but I remember Jack Sparrow because he was weird lol. Didn’t get to take pictures with them. πŸ™


One of the last activities was GUITAR HERO competition.. it was awesome at first.. this two goofy dudes came in clown wigs and they were the first to finish the song so it was awesome. I want to play guitar hero. It was very easy yet they couldn’t even get the notes right.


I didn’t stay long to watch guitar hero competition because it was late, I was tired, too full and needed to go to the restroom. The restroom was Th3 S3x! Total high class-ness. First time I saw a Japanese style bidet >.>


Now if you’re in the high class bathroom in a 5 star hotel, camwhoring in the restroom/toilet is absolutely necessary.

Well done Nokia. Good food, 5 star hotel… I might switch over to your side one day.

I straightened my hair today! FARKIN FINALLY. Omg. It’s been so long and my hair had gotten long .. down until my ass and I’m soooo sick of it. I love my long hair but it’s such a pain in the arse to take care of long hair… and my head feels ‘heavy’. So since I was so stupid to wake up early and nearly went to class when it’s public holiday yesterday, I decided to go straighten my hair. Luckily I talked to Jackie and he told me nobody was in the college. The only guy at the salon did my hair.. he’s kinda cute and he’s a very nice guy. His name is Tank Lim or something. Awesome dude. I had to cut my hair up to my chest length so he would agree to charge me Rm200 instead of RM290 for my old long hair.

I’m going back to Ipoh today for 2 weddings and will be back tomorrow night. I’ll be bringing my laptop and will be staying at a cheap hotel because no time to clean my house (no electricity either) so hopefully the hotel room have wifi so I can do my assignment instead of going to wifi spots. I’m also gonna be shooting some footage at the wedding, and for my assignment. Hurrah >.>

Last but not least, PEKINGESE PUPPY!


Butterscotch Bread

March 27, 2009 at 4:38 AM

I’ve started twittering again: twitter.com/tokyotenshi

I haven’t updated in a while..so I’ll try to make this short. Last Sunday was last day of sale at IKEA so mom and I went there and spent RM800 on a 4 tiers drawer and a small bedside drawer for me and a new wardrobe for mom. They came at in like less than 2 hours which surprised me o.O So now my room is not messy anymore! YAY! I’ve been working on cleaning, rearranging furnitures for the past week. I love my room now. I also got a call from my cousin that my uncle-who-married-my-maid-and-turned-into-a-monster was sick and mom was panicking. We wanted to leave to Ipoh but then my other uncle said we don’t need to.

Monday there was nothing.. was quite boring at the office since 2 of my supervisors are gone for a week to oversea. I could barely remember what I did on Monday lol. Ohhhh yeah..now I remember. I took mom to pay for bills so now I have my cable tv (Astro) back! It was temporarily disconnected for 2 weeks.. oh the horror! My office also installed Astro on Monday, cool πŸ˜€ Mom and I also went to Giant mall and I think we spent around RM150? God we need to start budgeting… um yeah, like that’s gonna happen lol. I also bought butterscotch bread…

Because of SOMEONE’S blog post, I am now addicted to Gardenia’s Butterscotch Bread which is SOOOOOOOOO GODDAMN GOOD! Unfortunate it’s damn expensive: RM4. But I don’t care. It’s good.

Images borrowed from Skyler

It’s really GOOD.. only now I can agree with Gardenia’s slogan: “So good you can even eat it on its own”. It’s sweet and it makes you fucking addicted. I can finish a loaf in less than a day.

Then at 6 am I got a call from my uncle that the other sick uncle passed away. I’ll blog about my 2 days in Ipoh later in a new post cuz right now I need to rest a bit. I downloaded FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES: ECHOES OF TIME at work yesterday for my Nintendo DS and managed to get it working (it had anti piracy thing or so I’ve heard) and I’m usually not into RPG type of game, but this one is good. It has wifi multiplayer too. I visited someone’s town earlier but it’s kinda laggy. Still need to get used to it. I love GRAND THEFT AUTO: CHINATOWN WARS. It’s fun when you can steal a car, run over mass of people and get chased by the police and you run them over and kill them too, haha. Or at least make the cop car crash.

Now where’s my damn butterscotch bread…………………….

PS: Creepshow 1 is good, Creepshow 2 is okay…but WTF @ Creepshow 3???? I know they just stole the name cuz it has no relation to the 1st and 2nd part but what the fuck man? The director and writer of Creepshow 3 needs to be assassinated! Part 3 sucks major donkey ass and eats donkey shit.

Stuffed Tummy

December 16, 2008 at 2:42 AM


I feel very stuffed right now. I think I’ve had enough of Prosperity burger… x.x You see, H asked me out for dinner. He said it was gonna be Secret Recipe, and I thought hey, I’m just gonna eat something light. Turned out, in the car, he told me that we’re going to McDonald instead and Benny (his cousin) will be joining us, and afterwards we’ll go to cybercafe for some gaming. Wtf. I mentioned in my previous entry that he has a habit of not telling me where we’re going, but one thing I really hate is change of plan WITHOUT telling me in advance because I promised mom I’ll be home by 8 something and I was NOT in the mood for gaming. Sheesh. Even though he begged that I change my mind, good thing Benny is not persistent about it. Unfortunately, on the way to send me back, it was raining VERY HEAVILY. Urgh. It was scary. Plus we saw an accident involving two cars in the heavy rain.

So anyways, last Saturday, was supposed to go for lunch @ McDonald with H because we just couldn’t wait to taste Prosperity burger (we’re prosperity burger freaks, along with my friend Sharina) but he changed it to dinner so I had to shift my plan. So I went to Astro centre with mom to pay for the bill cuz they suspended my cable tv πŸ™ After that we went to some exhibition/fair nearby at Greentown…


It was friggin hot.. and the first stall we went to was this stall that sells herb coffee that claims that it can clean your intestine or something, and cure even the chronic sickness… so we got 2 bottles, one for me and one for mom. I’m so broke now. RM50 gone. It tastes very yucky but I’m hoping it can cure my migraine and asthma.

Lots of plants, flowers, food, medicine (even the one that uses leeches, EW gross) etc You know what? I saw this bubble tea stall and I wanted some, and so I ordered a mango bubble/pearl drink, and the guy that sells burger was like hitting on me haha. He was joking though. He kept saying that I should be calling him and no, neither did he or I gave our numbers. I just played along. It was funny though.

I got keropok lekor! Best damn thing ever.

After that, we went to my cousin’s house. Boring. Waited there until 4 pm because Sharina sms’d me earlier morning that she wanted me to accompany her somewhere so at 4 something I went to her house, parked my car there and went to the place in her car. For the first time ever, I’m not the one driving, haha. Damn her — she has a new car :\ Automatic somemore. Anyways, she went to some store to buy 2 plates set as wedding gift for her friends.

Then we went to Tesco, went shopping for a bit until H called at 7 pm, and I was still in Tesco and boy was he annoyed. Ruined my mood for the night. Rushed home, he picked me up, went to McD and prosperity burger cheered me up, lol. The got back home and he stayed for a bit to watch Whose Line Is It Anyway on tv and GUESS WHAT?

My fucking cousin came.

He looked so thin and so gay lol. He spent the couple of hours talking to my mom in the kitchen while I watched tv with H and we were laughing our ass off. My cousin called me FAT. Fuck. lol. Well, he hasn’t seen me for more than a year and suddenly I’ve gained like a lot and he was shocked… but then again, he became stick thin so we were making fun of each other and his girlish scooter after lol.

I spent Sunday resting. I slept the whole day because it was raining and there was nothing I could do.

Ok I need to go do something now. I”m bored and lonely πŸ™ My net is being shit as usual so I can’t do anything. Urgh.

Random Shit #1: I updated wordpress 2.7 <3 Loving the new dashboard layout.


Laptop Goes Bye for a While

November 18, 2008 at 12:32 AM

I miss my laptop already.

I sent my laptop to times square today. I decided not to go to the headquarter because

1) I don’t know the way and I’ll get lost
2) Still far, same as times square
3) Subang Jaya is the ‘grandpa’ of hellish traffic jams

So I decided to go to times square, I know the way there by heart and it’s easier. I spent whole morning backing up my important stuff, and my external hard drive is full now. Now just hope that my external drive don’t die on me, god forbid. I think I’ve backed up almost everything that’s important….

So i went there, went up to 9th floor, and tookΒ  a number.. each person takes quite a while with their problem x.x Finally when it was my turn, I got this malay guy, and I began explaining my problem. Luckily I’m still under warranty until next month but I asked about extending warranty for extra 2 years, and I’d need RM298 for it.. I’m still considering it. Where to dig up money though…hmm

That guy opened the bottom of my laptop and I see my fan is sorta discolored.. I guess it’s from the heat. The guy said I should turn on laptop for maximum 5 hours and then shut it off and I was like whaaaaa’? I didn’t know that! I usually turn it on for DAYS..no wait, I never turn it off..maybe like once in a week or so… ack. I’m shocked my laptop have not died yet because of that, thank god.

So my laptop will be ready in 3 – 5 days, hmm sooner than expected.. latest would be next week. I hope not next week. Too long. Hope not like my main comp, where it took them 2 fucking month, wtf. After that mom and I just walked and walked in the mall.. hate walking in a huge mall wearing heels lol. We got Viena Bagels and I think mom and I finished half of the plates they put out for testing haha.. damn the bagels are SO DAMN GOOD. Better than Dunkin Donuts or Big Apple but quite expensive..but hey, H told me to spend his money on food and I did πŸ˜›

Then we had subway sandwich..finally :D! Been so long. I need to do something now.. I hate sitting in this chair, blah. I miss surfing the web lying down on the bed…

PS: I just paid my domain registration (not hosting), and I had forgotten that I have USD$10 in my hosting account left..which is the balance from some amount Aaron gave me long ago.. yay I didn’t have to spend my money ^^ lol.