Domino’s Chocolate Lava Cake!!

April 1, 2011 at 2:50 AM


I tasted the chocolate lava cake from Domino’s..


It was soooooo good like I can’t even describe it. They did it perfectly. If you’re not good at cooking this kind of cake, then it won’t taste nice but this one arrived at my house still hot, and as soon as I scooped out for a bite, a whole lot of ‘chocolatey’ goodness just melted out of the cake like a volcano spitting out the lava. It was a delish! Plus Domino’s didn’t get stingy with the chocolate either.. so it was good πŸ˜€

Okay, I wanted to blog about my trip but looks like it’s getting too late and I need to sleep. I’ll blog in the morning. Goodnight!

PS: Before I sleep, I give you this cute picture of this mascot of Biore product I think.. or was it that Asience hair product? But he saw I was taking his picture and he posed for me.. it’s just so cute! Took this last weekend when I went shopping with my friend.


March 30, 2011 at 8:36 PM

I was just thinking of ordering it tonight… and it’s already temporarily out of stock?? Oh man….

Domino’s New Chocolate Lava Cake

March 29, 2011 at 1:45 AM


This is absolutely mouth-watering! Must…taste….soon…

Hell’s Kitchen

January 29, 2011 at 12:38 AM

This past week I’ve been watching season 4 of Hell’s Kitchen (uncensored version) on Youtube. You see, I’ve never watched Hell’s Kitchen. The reason is because no show is good when it’s censored. The best thing about Gordon Ramsay is that he’s an absolute potty mouth and his insults are very hilarious (unless it’s directed to you then it’s fricken scary). They’ve started showing Masterchef US and Junior Masterchef on TV now so I decided to look in youtube for Hell’s Kitchen’s clips and found some full season uploaded uncensored so yay.

It’s friggin addicting, that show. Watching Chef Gordon Ramsay shouting and insulting and swearing is hilarious. I’ve been pretty down since yesterday so watching this show sorta cheers me up a bit. I’ve also started playing the game in Nintendo DS that I had AGES ago but never really played it much. I get bored easily. It’s actually quite an okay game, if you don’t mind doing things repetitively over and over again.

Back to Hell’s Kitchen season 5 now.. I love how they get a few people who has absolutely no potential to be a chef to cause ‘drama’ in the show (or any show) for rating and excitement.

RM1 Whopper..1 dolla.. 1 dolla…

October 11, 2010 at 1:52 AM

I wanted to write a quite depressing post but somehow I’m no longer in the mood for a depressing post. Oh yeah, I changed the font for the blog content to Tahoma.. so it looks a bit bigger..didn’t change the size though because it’ll look hideously big. I didn’t change the color because only black is suitable. Hopefully the text is readable now because it’s crystal clear to me… and I also can’t change anymore πŸ™

I finally claimed my 1 dolla whopper!

1 dolla! (yes I always say ‘dollar’ in a ridiculously annoying accent)

You see, few days ago, out of the blue, Burger King decided to make their signature burger ‘Whopper‘ RM1. I was like WTF. I don’t eat at burger king because they’re so expensive. Ala carte whopper cost I could have a large meal set (burger, large drink and large fries) with that amount at McDonald’s. So when I heard it’s for RM1, I had to get it. Unfortunately at that time, it was 8.30 pm…so I was rushing and reached Burger King Ipoh at 9.30 pm.

Oh God. The wait was torture. There was only 2 staff, and this Indian lady was SOOOOO SLOW. I had to queue for 1/2 hour before it was my turn. Plus, it was drizzling and they turned the aircond so high that it was freezing cold (and I just took a shower, and my hair was still wet). I had the unfortunate slow row because the chinese lady in front of me wouldn’t stop asking like a billion questions repeatedly… she won’t shut up for a second until the Indian lady staff was confused, and couldn’t concentrate keying her order & payment. Geez. She was so annoyed and distracted that she stopped answering her repeated questions and the guy staff had to ‘entertain’ her. By that time I was SO PISSED. I wanted to shut her up badly. I mean, I haven’t eaten for a whole day…I was hungry… and she was stalling the time. Gosh, some people!

By the time it was my turn, I was so pissed. The Indian lady staff wasn’t even smiling to me so that makes me even more unhappy. Oh yeah, you see, when I arrived, there was a note that says WHOPPER IS SOLD OUT!


Due to an unexpected demand for the RM 1 whopper, they decided to give like a ‘coupon’ so you can still claim the whopper if you buy any food on that day. What they do is that they will stamp your receipt so you could claim it before 10th of October. So I had to buy an expensive set because I was starving and was too lazy to waste more time queuing up at the McD’s drive thru. I bought BK Xtra Long Cheese Supreme plus mozarella cheese sticks for a ridiculous price of (almost) RM20. That’s the cost of a super large set + chilli at Wendy’s!


Taste so-so only πŸ™ They gave a medium set (to me it’s small) so the pineapple juice was so little.. taste nice though. But yeah, it didn’t taste incredible or anything. I wish I had gotten mushroom burger set instead. I miss McD’s prosperity burger now πŸ™ but surprisingly, I’m guessing because I bought 2 items.. or something that she gave me 2 stamps!

I didn’t know that means I can claim 2 burgers πŸ˜€ I wanted to claim yesterday but when I found out it’s actually two, and I couldn’t take one yesterday and one today, so I decided to get them today…so I binged today. I ate almost 1500 calories today just for burger only wtf. One week starvation mode will start tomorrow.Β  But oh how nice it was to get 2 whoppers for only RM2… 2 dolla…2 dolla!

Wish all fast food outlets would do this kind of promotion.. Wendy’s used to do a buy 1 set meal get another one free.. or other free stuff like free frosty… now they suck. I still love Wendy’s though :\

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