Random Blog

December 12, 2006 at 2:25 AM

I’m sleepy and I wanna go to bed but before that I thought I’d make a short blog. I might be going on a vacation after new year so yeah… my face is healing but the part where I had my stitches kinda look like the surface of the moon x.x LOL.. I can’t wait to go shopping though. I didn’t know FOREVER21 store is in One Utama Shopping Mall (5-10 mins away from my place) but I’ve been reading some livejournal entries and forever21 is popular among girls. o.O So I’m gonna check out that store before I go back to my boring city! πŸ™‚ Unfortunately I just used up ALL of my savings on DVD which will arrive tomorrow (EXCITED!) so I can’t get any new clothings or shoes.. πŸ™ Need to lose some weight too so I can fit on those cheap super skinny cute top they sell at Berjaya Times Square Mall.

I’ll be looking out for xmas decoration at shopping malls for pictures and videos and should be up before I go back to my hometown so wait for that! I’m also excited that THE SIMS 2 PETS EXPANSION has like 1 hour left downloading time! I’ve been downloading for days cuz apparently my connection has been slow this past few days (like less than 5 kbps instead of 30-50 kbps) so I’m excited about that too. Goodnight! πŸ™‚


December 2, 2006 at 9:59 AM

I finished my DVD the night before I had to go back to KL… Damn it. I’m so addicted to THE GOLDEN GIRLS. Need to get season 2 very soon.

Ahhh! I’m back in KL.. I missed you KL πŸ™‚ Not missing the life in this apartment though.. it sucks. The moment I entered, it was like my apartment has been hit by the torpedo/tornado/typhoon/aliens/tsunami. My cousins are the dirtiest people I’ve known. Everything is wrecked and messy. One thing new I noticed is that they now have a new 34″ FLAT SCREEN SONY (widescreen) LCD TV. Damn! LCD TV dude. My oldest cousin said he got it as a gift from the Toyota Vios car he bought. A toyota vios AND Sony Lcd TV! Geez. I miss my comp so much so the moment I opened my room’s door, I turned on the computer and guess what? Remember I’ve mentioned that my net connection has been out for more than a month? IT WORKS HERE. WTF? If I had known it earlier, I would’ve come back sooner.

Then I went to see the dermatologist at 1.30 pm at the Gleneagles Intan Medical Centre. It’s a private high class hospital so they charge everything double.. even food (Rm11.50 for local food? I think western food is like over RM12) I don’t know how much they sell Hagen Daaz.. expensive parking.. and obviously expensive treatments and medicines. You know what the expensive presidential suite look like?

β€œThe Presidential Suite in particular comes with a living room, dining area, security room/ waiting area and a meeting room. It is equipped with a refridgerator, microwave, fax machine, Playstation 2, PC & printer as well as dedicated butler and nursing service. In addition, there is also a DVD, Hi-Fi, and ASTRO Channels (multi channels) available.”

Damn I could die peacefully there but I couldn’t even afford the lowest class room, let alone $4000 per day room.


Reached Gleneagles Intan hospital at almost 3 pm. Haha I miss the traffic jam, sorta. Went to see the doctor, then starts the treatment. You see, I have a bad habit of scarring my own face so I need to fix that x.x I waited like almost an hour after Rosie (the assistant) put some numbing cream on my face. There was a hot caucassian man (don’t think he’s american from the heavy accent) XD

So after waiting for so long, he started my treatment. I don’t know why they call it numbing cream cuz my face wasn’t numb! So when he did the surgery, DAYMN……….especially when he had to give some injections? Ouch. And unfortunately, I kinda got freaked out cuz my face wouldn’t stop bleeding. I could see LOTS of gauzes soaked in blood lol. But he said it was nothing to worry about.

Now I have like 10 small stitches on my face! I look like the bride of frankestein. That day I looked really weird cuz I couldn’t even convey an emotion. Only then my face was numb and kinda throbs a little. I have a week of boredom before the doctor removes the stitches and goes straight with the next treatment. This also means I couldn’t take the JLPT exam this Sunday …

I miss IKEA. I wanted to take pictures of the night lights at Mutiara Damansara but it turned out blurry. That’s okay. I’ll give you a tour of Mutiara Damansara soon. But here’s the only picture that’s not blurry, lol.