Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2015!

July 20, 2015 at 10:02 PM



It’s been a while since I wrote in this blog, huh? I’ve been very busy, preoccupying myself with things and then spent most of the days sleeping. This Raya has got to be the most boring Raya ever for me where I spent 3 Raya days sleeping instead and not inviting anyone to my place. Plus, I also have a very badly decayed and broken wisdom tooth that I need to deal with this week but I don’t have enough money. Haih.

Here’s the one and only Raya selfie that I took yesterday when I went to my relative’s house!

raya selfie

It was hard trying to take a proper selfie with food when the app didn’t have a timer. So I had to use my phone cam with a timer to take but the color is all shit. ūüôā

Since I don’t have TV this year, so let’s put on a Raya song from youtube to get that Raya mood.

I need to write about Native Instruments¬†but the page shows me nothing so I’m not sure what can I write about it. Now my laptop is also lagging badly, which is normal, so I have to reboot it. I miss my iMac, really. This bites.


March 27, 2015 at 12:25 AM

depressed girlI’m heartbroken. I’ve experienced yet another unexpected death of my cat.

I had this orange¬†tabby cat that appeared at my house out of nowhere 4+ months ago. He was very sick, wounded and had terrible mange that covered his whole body. He also had high fever. I couldn’t just let him die so I took him to the vet since his mange was also infecting my other outdoor cats. This was about 2+ months ago. His mange was so terrible that the veterinarian and her assistants reacted to it. They were shocked.

But a week after he got his shot, his mange was completely gone. I could finally see his big, round eyes and he turned into hyperactive yet superhungry kitty. He was hungry all the time! He’s very clingy and loving kitty, and follows you around.

Yesterday, something horrible happened. At about 3 am, I heard a lot of dogs barking outside. Sometimes a group of stray dog would cross the street and come to my neighborhood, and usually they would make a lot of noises when they see my neighbor’s dog. I thought it was that until I heard a cat screaming. I ran down, saw the dogs ran away and then my heart just broke.

Rain, Rain, Where Are You?

March 15, 2015 at 4:13 PM

summer-heatIt’s unbelievable how ridiculously hot the weather is right now. Seriously. It’s a different kind of heat that I’ve never felt before. It’s also making me feel very dehydrated and I’m not the kind that can drink too much. The result from the heat is giving me migraine. I’ve been sleeping most of the day due to extreme fatigue so I do my online work at night. Even my cats are sick due to the extreme hot weather. My poor kitties. I wish it would rain right now, all day long. Not the heavy kind though, otherwise my neighborhood will be flooded.

I found a magnetic bracelet here and from my understanding, they can give you health benefits. How true is this?

As usual, my financial problem is at its worst right now. I’m trying a few new projects which I hope that could get me out of this funk. Hopefully one day all my financial problems will be gone. It sucks that in 15 days GST will be implemented. Price of goods are already increased, so imagine next month. Life is crazy right now. So I really hope whatever I’m working on right now will be worth it… soon.

Anyways, that’s my update. My life hasn’t been interesting so there isn’t much I can talk about. When you’re tight on money, your life becomes extremely dull. For general updates though, I’m posting it at Totally Awesome [net]. I’m gonna focus on that domain from now on.

Random Update – Weather is Hot, Happy Birthday To Me!

March 2, 2015 at 1:03 AM

My God. The weather has been crazy. Back in December, it was the rainy season. Some parts of Malaysia were badly flooded, and many people lost their home and precious properties and some even lost family members. But now? The weather’s been so ridiculously hot that spending a short while outside could risk yourself of getting heat stroke.

For the whole week I’ve been getting spinning headache. That’s not counting last week, starting Thursday that I had a serious stomach cramp that lasted 4 days and rendered me completely useless because I couldn’t even do anything. Couldn’t even walk. My relatives from KL on the very same day I got the cramp, so I couldn’t go out to have dinner with them which kind of bummed me out. I also spent the night alone that night while I was in so much pain.

But yeah, after the stomach cramp was gone, I suddenly got a spinning headache for the whole week and today, I had a really painful migraine. It’s probably due to the fact that I’ve been going out everyday and exposed myself to the scorching hot sun, especially last Friday when I had to take Abang, my cat, to the government vet because he couldn’t¬†urinate. High possibility due to¬†kidney stone (3rd cat in my family after my cat Monyet and BamBam). I had to wait like 2 hours outside while the doc¬†treated Abang.


Happy Chinese New Year 2015

February 20, 2015 at 5:29 PM



I wanted to write about guitars by ESP but the page seems empty to me, or maybe couldn’t load properly so there’s nothing I can talk about it so I’m gonna talk about something else.

CNY holiday started yesterday and what have I been doing? Watching Netflix and sleeping. In the morning, I suddenly had a terrible stomach cramp and the pain was so extreme I couldn’t even walk. Even lying down is painful and uncomfortable. My relatives from KL came down yesterday’s evening and mom went to stay with them at the hotel last night, so I was home alone, with a painful stomach cramp.

The pain isn’t as extreme now as it was yesterday, so I’m glad. Maybe because I’ve taken some meds. But I’m still spending today just lying down and watching Netflix. I just finished watching ‘Revenge of the Nerds‘, awesome movie by the way. I’m also hungry because¬†I haven’t eaten anything yet.

Gosh, I hope it rains today. It’s been a very hot day. Oh yeah, I’ve ‘privatized’ majority of my old personal posts. Still have a lot to go through. I’ll also write about my trip to KL last Saturday soon, once this stomach cramp is fully gone. Now back to Netflix. What shall I watch next…