¡Viva España! FIFA World Cup 2010

July 14, 2010 at 1:55 AM

I wanted to blog this sooner but I fucked my sleeping pattern so I’ve been tired but YEAAAAAAAHHHH! Spain won the World Cup 2010! It’s still fresh news right?

It’s weird to care about it. I wasn’t into the world cup earlier. The last time when I was really into world cup was in 2002 when Brazil won. I was supporting Brazil all the way, and I had my online friend to talk to about the world cup so it kept me interested..

The only picture of me during FIFA world cup 2002 that I
could find at internet wayback machine. I’m not sure
if I still have my old webcam pictures… 🙁

…but 4 years after that, I was in Japanese school, didn’t really care. My Japanese school life was killing me. Now for this year, I didn’t care UNTIL the match between Germany & Argentina. Usually I’d just check out the score the next day. I was shocked that Brazil lost! That day I hung out with my friend, and somehow she texted me about the game after, and I started to watch it.. luckily local tv was showing it live. Then I got more and more interested because I had someone to talk to about it.. and kept my interest going. Unfortunately, the next match on that day between Spain & Paraguay wasn’t shown live here, so I was texting with my friend to keep me updated with the score. At that time, I still didn’t have my internet.

Celcom, my cellphone telco, had this limited edition world cup
bear and it was only RM10! So I went and grabbed my ‘Bearzil’
even though that morning, Brazil lost. 🙁

Argentina vs Germany – I was rooting for Argentina! My friend too.. but when Germany kicked their ass like no other, we were shocked, and pissed O_O Then Spain won, so that’s something good. I hated Germany for kicking Argentina’s ass.

Germany vs Spain – This was shocking! Haha and it was so much fun. A lot of people were rooting for Germany, and some were sure Germany would win. Yes, there has been predictions on Spain but come on, Germany kicked Argentina’s ass with 4-0 score.. so it’s not impossible they could kick Spain’s ass…luckily they couldn’t! Haha! 😀 I was so happy Spain made it to the final! Nobody cared about the match between Germany & Uruguay… I mean like, whatever right? Don’t really care who won.. but Germany did so whatever lol.

The Final Match: Netherlands vs Spain

Oh God, it was the most intense match I have ever seen! The match was aired at 2.30 am Malaysia time, so I was screaming and shouting in the middle of the night… it was nerve-wrecking when no team has scored and they had to add extra time! And it was even shocking how the Dutch played the game! They played it dirty.. they played it rough.. they lost their integrity. Seems like they don’t want to be respected for playing good, but just want the damn cup. The most shocking part was the super kung fu/karate/ninja kick to Alfonso’s chest by De Jong!

That was just super brutal, dude! The worst tackle ever. Poor Alfonso. If it was a kick to the knee or ankle, that’s normal.. but the CHEST?! He’s lucky that he’s still breathing. He might be suffering a broken rib though. What pisses everyone off is that, the stupid fucking referee only gave De Jong a YELLOW CARD? That should have been a damn RED CARD! Shame on you, De Jong. This match was also the only match that I’ve seen with so many yellow cards given! 14 yellow cards! And 1 red card. It was so annoying that every few minutes, there’d be something happening… either Holland played rough or Spain made a bad tackle.

Haiyaaaah!!! Feel my super kick of furrrryyyy Alfonso-san!!!


Haha I’m sure you’ve heard of him… the psychic German octopus!

Even though I’m not supposed to believe all this psychic mambo jumbo.. but I can’t help but be amazed that out of 8 matches (7 involving Germany, and one for the final), he got all 8 predictions right! Apparently he first displayed clairaudience symptoms as a kid – and has been predicting stuff ever since. He even predicted that Spain would win the cup, but after almost 2 1/2 hours of no goal, I was starting to doubt Paul until few minutes before extra time ends, and Iniesta scored a goal! I was like omg Paul was right hahaha. If I had bet a lot of money on Spain, I’d be rich by now! So to honor Paul and his super psychic power & prediction /sarcasm, I promised not to eat octopus for a month haha.

Now I know why people with heart attack are not recommended to watch world cup … at least not alone. I nearly got a heart attack every time they tried to score a goal but the ball ended up outside..so close, soooo damn close.

Well world cup is over, I need to get back my normal sleeping pattern. Let’s see if I can still gain interest in the next FIFA WC in 2014.. it’s gonna be held in Brazil so I hope Brazil will win!

Bizarre Addiction – Airlines Accident

May 31, 2010 at 1:01 PM

I’m so lazy to blog long with pictures today. For the past 2 days I’ve been playing with my Nintendo DSi until my eyes are blurry. I haven’t touched my DSi  for quite a long time since I was busy with my final year at college.  I forgot how much fun DSi can be when you want to learn Japanese. I’ve been revising my kanji writing and the basic hiragana/katakana… I can say that I am ashamed of myself that I even get the strokes for hiragana wrong! I don’t even remember most of katakana.. let alone remember the onyomi and kunyomi of first grade kanji! WTF. I spent a year in Japanese school, being tortured to death by the hectic life of Japan people, stressing myself to the max for what? Only to forget 90% of what I’ve learned there a few years later. Gah.

I’m going back to my hometown this week so I’m gonna start doing some Kanji revision.

Okay, apart from that, I have also been watching/reading news/videos about past airline crashes… I believe it has somewhat traumatized me now… I’ve been obsessing about the Air India Express crash since it happened… particularly on the passenger ‘Harshini Poonja‘, a 17 (or 18, or 19, or 20) year old girl who is now infamous because of her last twitter posting at the airport before she got on the ill-fated plane.

@netizentwo: At the airport and blah =_= Only thing to look forward to is the rain.

That is chillingly disturbing to know that shortly later she would end up charred to death… been reading her blog, news about her.. unfortunately the facebook of ALL of Dubai residents that knew her, including her own facebook are set to private.. so can’t get to know her more however some of her pictures make me extremely sad.. she was so young, pretty and innocent looking and have a full bright future ahead of her, but that’s all not gonna happen now.

Sujata Survase‘s (the cabin crew) ORKUT’s last update was “I hate goodbyes but I guess it’s time“… even though her facebook had that same status message but it was a while ago, but still… however her facebook is no longer available.. maybe the family contacted FB for it to be deleted.

Then yesterday I’ve been watching two episodes of Airline Crash Investigation.. for the episode about Adam Air that crashed into the ocean and disappeared… listened to the black box recording of the pilots minutes before they crash and… that’s what TRAUMATIZD me.. it was so disturbing beyond words…to hear the voices of people who are about to die, to know what the last few minutes of their lives was like…God.

The other episode was the mid-air collision between Bashkirian Airlines Flight 2937 / DHL Flight 611… yes if you know me, you’d know that I can get extremely addicted and obsessed when it comes to something mysterious.. this is a sad case when that flight had really gifted smart children/prodigies that would have a very bright future only to meet with death unexpectedly 30,000 feet above… this is particularly a scary one to know that the DHL plane’s tail kinda ‘sliced’ through the belly of the Bashkirian plane and it split into two- IN MID AIR! Imagine if you were in that plane, and you were sleeping peacefully and suddenly within seconds the plane splits into two and you might end up thrown out, falling to your death and your body sorta ‘explodes’ in bits and pieces and parts of you landed in the area within kilometres apart. How tragic is that??

I wanted to see what the bodies were like (yes this is part of my morbid fascination, strange curiosity) but I could only find one picture of a woman..and what’s left of her was only the head down to the left side of the shoulder and left upper arm. One out of her two daughters was found intact by their father who helped with the search. The guy lost his entire family – a wife and two kids, and eventually got crazy and soon later he stabbed the air traffic controller Peter Nielsen to death for ‘causing’ the mid air collision. It wasn’t his fault entirely but he, too, ended up with death. Tragic, very tragic.

Okay, enough about that before I get obsessed again.

On a slightly happier note (for me), I have lost 3 kg in 3 days since I took the pills from my doctor… WOOT. Okay, it might be just the water weight but I’m still happy to see the numbers go down in the scale. Hopefully it has no side effect.. the medicine includes fat burning pill which I’m hoping it would burn away my extra fat.. I’ve never been at this weight, and to start to feel all the bulges make me very, very uncomfortable…so that’s a wake up call for me telling me it’s time for a change before I get way too fat and be in the danger of obesity and the sickness obesity will give you.

Can’t wait to go back to my hometown, in my nice house, no low-class immigrants & villagers, no broken elevators, no cramped space.. so I can do a lot of dancing & exercising in my living room aka my bedroom (yes I sleep in the living room on the first floor). Only thing I’m worried about is the internet….. I can’t rely on my phone to connect my laptop to internet everytime, I need the fixed line…so I can download stuff.. like Glee episodes!

PS: Watched 2 episodes of “Mind Your Language” yesterday. Always wanted to watch this to see if it’s funny… I was instantly hooked! God I love British sitcoms.

Second Life Viewer 2

April 1, 2010 at 6:23 AM

I woke up at 4.40 am today.. because I fell asleep early. Urgh. So now I cannot go back to sleep, and I have class at 9 am. Luckily I finished my assignment on yesterday’s morning, so by evening I could print, cut the mounting board and get everything ready so I won’t be rushing during class (my class is at 9 am, and print shop opens at 9.30 am). Now I just need to burn a soft copy in the cd, that’s all. Can’t wait for this last semester to end.. my convocation is supposed to be on April 24th, but due to the fact that my final assessment will be on the 22nd, and there is absolutely no way that exam department can release the result in one day so I can’t join. However the next one will be in October so I think it’s still okay.. like my old college, they only have convo once a year, in December so hopefully they won’t change from October to next year… earlier is okay, but not next year. Then after that, I’m taking a break for a while.. just wanna chill alone in Ipoh.Wish I can go on vacation 🙁

Oh and for the past 2 days, I had a throbbing toothache on my molar. I have a feeling I have a cavity. I should go to the dentist soon. I hate having problems. I have girl problem too.. not sure if my acne medicine is causing this or what.. but I should see a doctor soon. And my eyes.. I think something’s wrong with my eyes that keeps giving me headache. I should see an optometrist soon. 🙁 And I have dermatologist appointment tomorrow.

Anyways, I wanna talk a bit on Second Life 2 viewer. The new viewer is out, and it looks as if you’re using Second Life in a browser. It’s so confusing compared to the old one and it’s not old computer friendly. My PC can’t handle it on ultra graphics.. it lags like hell, makes me wanna commit suicide.. however it runs fine on ultra setting on my laptop.. weird thing is that, my PC is 3 1/2 years old, and my laptop is 2 1/2 years except my laptop has better graphic card. I feel like upgrading my PC when I have money, which I don’t know when would that be….. T__T

I miss my Second Life.. I used to be happy with it.. I had friends, had weekly fun party.. generally had a good time. Now everyone’s gone, no one ever logs in anymore.. the island I hang out in seems abandoned. I could find new friends, do what I used to do which is club hopping.. you know, at least to cure my current loneliness at home.. because you know, I have one class a week, I don’t hang out with my friends as much as I used to anymore because everyone has things to do so I’ve been bored but my mom is anti-SL.. and if she ever see me playing it again she’d annoy the hell out of me. I was playing a sim-like game couple of weeks ago and when my mom saw it, she was like, “IS THAT SECOND LIFE?!”… Oh well.

Well I better go burn my files to CD before I forget. It’s almost 6.30 am. Then I’m going to browse SL for a bit before going to class.