January 30, 2014 at 3:55 AM

This is a Gig-FX.

gig fx

It’s a cool looking thing. You can get gig-fx effects at musicians friend. Being someone who do not play the guitar, and has never learned to play one, I have no idea what this thing is. I decided to look up youtube for any demo videos and I found this:

So that’s what it is! Now that’s awesome. I didn’t know that there’s a pedal that can change the ‘sound’ of the guitar. Forgive me for being a noob in this subject but once in a while I get curious at things I’ve never seen before.

I still couldn’t blog long since I’m still tethering my phone’s internet so everything I do is extremely limited. I’m already reaching my quota. I had some help tonight for me to settle my bill but I didn’t get to pay in time. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get my net back. I’ll blog more when I do!