Drugs Are Bad, Ya’ll

January 26, 2014 at 5:23 AM

I want to write a short ‘PSA’ about drugs, but then I remembered this old video that was my favorite. I haven’t seen it for ages.

It was a video starring Dave Lehre. It was an awesome video because not only it touched the aspect of psychological effect of drug abuse, but the techniques of direction and editing. I used to be a huge fan of him ever since he broke into popularity during the early evolution of ‘viral videos’ in MYSPACE! Yes, haha, before facebook it was the myspace era. He then became so popular, and he became my fave filmmaker since I was studying filmmaking at that time. I miss the old Dave Lehre. He is now Chad Future, the KPOP-ish singer. I really miss his movies and humor.

For memory sake, here’s an oldie!

Dave even messaged me on Myspace! (if I remember it correctly because I thought he left a comment, but he didn’t) He apparently read my blog post about his movie, Turbo.
Cool guy.

Anyways, back to that video, drugs are bad. If you have for example heroine or subutex addiction, please get help before it can damage your system. It’s still fresh in my mind as if it was yesterday that I heard about the death of Cory Monteith due to drugs.

Drugs kill.