Another Boring Day Without Internet

January 19, 2014 at 3:20 AM

I wanted to review bass clarinet case at wwbw but how can I when the product is not available for me to view? So moving on to another topic.

family guy

It’s when you have no internet you realize how boring and dull your life is. There was no internet when I was young, and I survived fine because I had a big imagination, I had friends and actually went out to play. But once you’ve experienced the wonder of internet, especially now with the existence of almost everything at your fingertips like movies, youtube and music as well as keeping in touch with your friends and current news, that’s when you realize how much life is depending on internet.

For 2 days I’ve been leeching some unsecured internet that showed up in my wifi list but unfortunately it disappeared a couple of hours ago so now I’m back on my extremely limited mobile internet so I can’t do anything. I thought I wanted to blog more, do movie reviews and stuff but oh well…

I still haven’t blogged about my trip to KL and I can’t since I’m on limited internet.. uploading and browsing sites with heavy graphics would really eat up my bandwidth. I really hope I will get my internet again soon. This would be a reminder for me to always pay the bills on time 🙁

I’m gonna continue watching Ghostbusters now. Goodnight.