I Am Bored with No Unifi

January 17, 2014 at 8:06 PM

My unifi/internet is currently suspended since a couple of days ago and I am dying of boredom right now.

I am Bored

I’ve had SO MANY bills to pay, and with the increased cost for everything, including food, petrol and other stuff, it’s killing me man… so my account has been suspended for going over the credit limit for the billing account. Don’t mistake for the internet limit though, since unifi currently is unlimited but it’s the billing account. And unfortunately I don’t have enough yet to pay since I’ve already spent all of my money in KL early this month. Boo hoo.

So I’m currently counting on my mobile internet so I could go online on my phone and also tether internet after I set the phone up as a wifi spot thingy. Unfortunately, Maxis mobile internet has been absolutely SHIT this past few days, and I’d be lucky if I could even go online on my phone. Urgh. Apparently I’m not the only one experience shit internet from Maxis, as there has been loads of complaints about unstable and very slow connection.

Currently I’m leeching some unsecured public internet, don’t even know to whom it belongs to, where it’s coming from but hey, free internet… so I decided to blog while I can. I’ve been trying to spend time reading malay novels but it just put me to sleep T___T I want to blog more but I rather use the internet to do something else before the person who owns it decides to turn it off so I’ll blog more soon when I can. Toodles.