Happy *Belated* New Year 2013!

January 6, 2013 at 3:08 PM

I think it’s still not that late to wish Happy New Year 2013 and Happy Belated Christmas.
First post of 2013.

I actually couldn’t care much. I just hope that this year will be kind to me unlike last year. All the major events last year were all bad events such as:

  • First car accident
  • Drama here and there
  • Kittens and Cats Death
  • Major sickness & major depression
  • Financial problems

The cats death were the most painful ones. I haven’t blogged about this but my house cat Jimena passed away few weeks ago and I’m still devastated. I try not to be, and I try to think that she’s out of her misery but God knows how much I miss her especially this past week. It’s hard not to think about her when you’ve been with her for 6 or 7 years. She was my oldest cat, and the last ‘original’ cat.

Anyways, my new year’s resolution. I don’t have many, because it sucks to know later that when at the end of the year you’ve achieved absolutely nothing that you set early that year so my only new year’s resolutions are I want to be successful this year, hope to find a husband and get married (lol) and get closer to God. That’s all. Oh and lose weight but I say that every year but I keep failing to stick to it.

My NYE was dull but surprisingly, this year, somebody around my area put up fireworks display like opposite the road, so we had pretty but extremely loud and close fireworks display. All my cats and kittens thought we were being bombed or there’s some war going on. It was their first new year’s eve (for the kittens). That was nice since I couldn’t see any other fireworks display from my house, could only hear them so thank you to whoever put up the display. It was very nice and my house smelled like burnt firecrackers & smoke after.

I’ve been into writing lately. I started to get all these ideas but get writer’s block when I’m actually trying to write it. I still have trouble staying awake when reading a book, been trying to improve myself on that.

Also lately I’ve been feeling very tired. I’ve been sleeping a lot lately, plus I’ve been having seriously allergy problems and flu, which I assume contributes to my lack of energy. My lack of energy is seriously worrying me and my ability to concentrate and do work. Even right now I’m feeling sleepy already so I’m gonna take some nap.