Surprisingly Better

October 30, 2012 at 3:15 AM

I am surprisingly in a better condition and mood since Monday (yesterday).

I’ve been so exhausted begging God for help, and I guess he had mercy on me because despite all the devastating events and tragedies that I went through for the past two weeks, I have had some unexpected ‘light’ that helped me to get through some things. For instance, on the day of my cat’s passing, unexpectedly, my neighbor’s maid offered to clean our house for 4 hours and then surprisingly her friend joined.. so what was originally meant for me to do alone, was done with help. With the death of my 2 kitten & cat, we needed to clean the house to rid of any potential virus left by them. Then on that night, I received this strength to bury Baby Tia,  which is something I could never do before when my cats and kittens die.

After 3 days of deep depression, and sickness, and indulging myself in facebook gaming, I was once tested when my cat Chomot Chi got sick with the same symptoms like the rest of them. I prayed and prayed for his recovery and I had a lot of problems and challenges, but today he is looking much better. He’s beginning to respond, started eating – not much, but it’s a start and back to being aware of his surrounding, oh and also talkative again. Those positive signs helped me feel better. Though he’s not out of danger yet, but I’m extremely happy and thankful to God for the positive signs. Hopefully he will be have full recovery soon.

I’m also thankful to some people who has helped me on facebook saying nice words, giving tips and cared and concerned about me. It was unexpected.

I also saw where my kitten Junior Tam lies. It hurt me so badly the first time… to see him lying there rotting.. and smelling bad instead of having a proper burial.. some idiot cleaned the bushes thus exposing Junior Tam. But soon I realized it was what he wanted… he didn’t want me to be sad, didn’t think I’d see him but didn’t know he’d start smelling so I’d find out anyway.. but now I know his ‘resting place’, I feel relieved to know he’d always be there. My cat Gugurl Tia is still missing, but honestly, if she’s not alive, I don’t want to know. I rather have this hope that she’d come back someday rather than know what happened to her.. you know?

For the very last time, goodbye my beloved Junior Tam, Gugurl Tia, Baby Tam & Baby Tia. Thank you God for lending them to me even though it was for a very short time but at least I have had the pleasure of knowing them and taking care of them. Rest in peace now. God, please take care of them.

Well. Enough depressing stories. I’m trying hard to be strong for my remaining cats and kittens, and also for my own life’s sake. I’m still quite depressed but not as bad as before. Hopefully my streaks of bad lucks and devastating events are over now. It’s all hallows’ eve tonight.. I’m going to have my horror movie marathon. It’s been 2 years since I last ‘celebrated’ Halloween.

Last but not least, I’m going to post this overly attached girlfriend video that I watched yesterday morning. It made my day! It’s so hilarious.