Feeling Lazy

August 13, 2011 at 4:06 AM

I have been feeling very lazy lately, no mood to do anything.

I still haven’t done the Glee video for the contest. This past few days I’ve been looking at Nintendo DS Lite again. Why? I don’t know. You see, few days ago my genius self managed to brick my flashcarts. TWO of them. One is my old flashcart that I use and the other one is the one I sell to my customer. I don’t know how I managed to brick them. All of a sudden I got a ‘system file is missing’, rebooted my DSi and boom, cards can no longer be detected. I was very upset because one of them is not mine.. so if I bricked it, means I lose RM100. That’s A LOT of money.

I read about the paper trick that they say you can do if the card can’t be detected but it’s a new, never been used before card so how can the card become lose or worn out? Another way is to unbrick it/reflash it if you have a DS Lite. I don’t. So I’ve been looking at cheap used DS Lite to buy…that’s when the interest sparked. The next day I went to the game store and pretended that I was looking for a DS Lite to buy. I pretended to test my card but actually I was reflashing my bricked cards and voila! Both of the cards are working again, yay πŸ˜€

But then you see… there’s a shop in Singapore that sells DS Lite at a very cheap price (RM375-ish) with free delivery. I asked all the stores in Ipoh and all of them have this same standard price of RM499.. SO EXPENSIVE. Some stores doesn’t allow me to buy just the console, but with the package.. only one store would offer me RM420 which is cheaper than other stores (others were like RM470, RM450, no less). So importing the (new) console from Singapore seemed like a good idea… except that I’m scared about the warranty. If anything happens to it, there’s no way I can send it back to Singapore through post which I have to cover the cost of postage. Mind you, they shipped it free from Johor, not Singapore but if I want to send it back, it’s to Singapore not Johor… which means it’s already international mail… would cost A BOMB. Unless I’m lucky and the console comes perfect. The other one is that the used set is VERY CHEAP. Others are selling used set at LYN forum for around RM300-RM500.. which is almost the same cost as the new set but the Singapore store is selling it at RM198 only..ARGH. That’s too good to be true but the problem is… I can’t see the console. I have a thing against used things… you never know how the previous owner treated the thing… they could have dropped it, played it roughly, scratched it, or you know… stuff. So that’s my concern. If I was in Singapore, I’d definitely buy it though…very cheap. I just want a used DS lite that I can use to unbrick my cards should I brick them again and play my guitar hero… I miss guitar hero πŸ™

Well I’m gonna go play my DSi now.. somehow I’m very addicted to ‘Plants vs Zombies‘ on my DS now.. I know, I’m too late and the hype has died already lol. Now it’s the angry birds fever..