Hello, Naza Kia Forte 2.0 SX

June 12, 2011 at 1:36 AM

Hello, NAZA KIA FORTE 2.0 SX! Welcome to my family 🙂 Since June 7th 2011.

Here’s the story.

Back in March I was looking for a new car. My eyes fell in love with CHEVROLET CRUZE. I wanted a cruze so badly. I love everything about it except for one thing – the features. It’s a toned down version from the Cruze outside Malaysia. No USB port. So I was hesitating until I saw this limited edition Cruze –

Now the problem was, it cost RM120k.. but they have a special thing going on where you can get 100% loan. It was a bit problematic trying to get RM100k loan. Then comes the FORTE which happened to be released late February/March and instead of 4 speed, it’s now a 6 speed shiftronic transmission.. and it cost just a tiny bit lesser than Cruze but with a whole lot new features.

So the main thing that attracted me Forte are PUSH START BUTTON and REVERSE CAMERA.

Hell, for RM98,700 they’re two cool features that you can’t get at that price! Beats Cruze way ahead. I’ve actually loved Forte since I first saw the previous model at a mall in 2009 I think. Apart from these two, there are other stuff such as USB port, airbags, 6 CD changer, interior design, leather seat, safety features etc that made me decide on Forte finally.

I still love Cruze but it’s only 1800 CC with no USB port, not enough airbags, no other special features except a really lovely interior..

Now, when I went to check out Forte, coincidentally the loan officer was at the showroom.. checked my documents and was instantly approved! I was soooo surprised. The thing is, there’s no white. I want white. They said I need to wait 3 months. But there agent from Cruze that was handling my documents for Cruze before called me, and said he has a friend who could get white color in 3 weeks.. without much thinking I said okay :\

The car arrived in a month actually, but still better than 3 months. Had to go all the way to Kajang which is SO FAR AWAY and a new place I’ve never been to.. Didn’t have much freebies compared to my Myvi.. did a tint for the car with RM300 voucher but it has air bubbles now so have to take it back later.

My agent drove the car from KL all the way to Ipoh the next day so half petrol tank is used up so technically I only got half tank of petrol. It got dirty and I kept being paranoid that I didn’t get a new car but a showroom display car instead.. -__- oh well.

The interior of Forte is sorta ‘boyish’.. it’s just straight to the point compared to Cruze which has slightly feminine/softer look.

But DAMN, it’s so comforting, this car. I LOOOOOVE driving it compared to my Myvi.. of course my Myvi is just 1.3 and this one is 2.0. No regret. Good for racing too haha. The best part is that I finally have a car with push start button that I’ve been dreaming of and making my life easier. You see, I carry a sling bag that I put everything, all my junks in there.. with my wallet, phone, receipts, other craps so it’s hard to find key.. now I don’t even have to take out the key out of my bag… soooooo much more convenient.

Well that’s it about my new car. This one is mostly for long distance traveling while my Myvi is more for town.

Gosh, more blog posts piling up. Good thing is that my house renovation is done! Cleaning up is almost done! Thank God. Just a little bit more cleaning and buying necessary stuff then I can concentrate on my work.