A Little Update

May 28, 2011 at 3:20 AM

First of all, thanks to whoever responded to my question about the takaful insurance in my previous posts. Will reply to the comments soon. But it seems like I’ve been sweet-talked into getting ANOTHER life insurance from Public Bank and ING Insurance. :\ Now I have a yearly debt I have to pay.

Anyways, a little update.

My house is ALMOST done. I seriously can’t stand the mess anymore, it’s been a month! We only have the cabinets left for the interior and paint for exterior which isn’t so bad. Once the cabinets are done I can start clearing stuff. I also can’t wait to move my computers and TV into my room so that I can start doing my works there at the privacy of my own room.

I’m also excited about something else but I can’t tell what yet. It has been an extremely busy week.. and next week is even busier. Need to do a lot of cleaning up. I can’t wait to clean my house – I hate the mess and dust!

Oh and I FINALLY have a printer here! Bought an all-in-one HP printer because I want to print stuff and also needed to scan stuff 😀 Wee. So happy because my old printer in KL is fucked up. 🙁

Once my house is done, I’ll post up some pictures… and write some blogs that I’ve been meaning to blog about for ages but haven’t gotten the chance to crop pictures and all that shit. Bear with me. Oh wow, it’s almost 3.30 am now, and I need to sleep now.. gonna watch something maybe Glee or The Vampire Diaries and then sleep. Goodnight.