Another Quickie

February 28, 2011 at 12:13 AM

I’ve been doing house work, and a lot of stuff today so I’m really exhausted right now. I’m so tired and sleepy and energyless so I’m gonna make this quick. I wanted to post pictures and write more but yeah, too tired right now. I’ll do that tomorrow, hopefully.

Well back to work tomorrow. As of tomorrow I’m gonna slave myself with work because I simply CANNOT afford to slack off anymore. No more going out and wasting hours after hours doing nothing. I’m getting extremely broke and that’s not cool considering I’ve been spending at least RM150 everytime I go out. Yeah… I need to fucking budget. But shopping makes me happy, and I need to feel happy so yeah.

I’m going to KL next week’s Friday (not this coming Friday). Gah I wish I have more money now… last month for Kinokuniya discount so I wish I could spent. Last week I spent RM500 at Kinokuniya alone WTF. But at least I got RM100 discount so that’s friggin A LOT of discount on Japanese books. I also need my meds but too bad can’t afford them. Need to have the best fat burner right now because oh gosh I can’t believe the amount of weight I’ve gained. I miss dancing and jogging with my Nintendo Wii. Need to find time everyday to exercise with my Wii.

Anyways. Going to bed now. Toodles.