I Need Sleeping Pills

February 6, 2011 at 6:26 AM

I need sleeping pills. My sleeping pattern is so fucked up now. It’s 6 am now and what am I doing? Am all still wide awake.

I feel so fat and bloated right now. Maybe because when I’m emo I eat, so I’m gonna have a hell of a time to lose it all. Need to starve myself next week. Watching Hell’s Kitchen isn’t helping either because the more I see them cook, the more I wanna cook and eat. It’s also funny to see the contestants getting injured by the kitchen utensils. I also find Gordon Ramsay to be strangely intriguing.. maybe cuz he’s British and I love guys with British accent.

I’m hoping by next week I can concentrate on my work again. Argh, my community sites are being neglected. I’m gonna have a hell of a time to update the scripts and all. I’ll say, if I don’t start working on them by tomorrow, then I better move my ass and find a job… I miss PJ so much, and I’m dying to go back there and find work there…so tempted… but things that are holding me back are the apartment and cats… I hate my apartment. No wait, I love my apartment…just despise the people there.. and the scary elevators..and I have so many stray cats that I feed daily and somehow I can’t part with them anymore.

Oh did I mention there’s 2 new kittens?

Not mine, and don’t plan on keeping them or taming them. It’s a complicated story…and apparently all of my outdoor cats are connected one way or another…lover,mother,cousin yada yada haha. I’m keeping my 2 kittens in my kitchen. The cat bite on my palm and puncture wound on my left index finger somehow still hurt if I press on them.. or if something like my table right now touching it. Why is it still not fully healed? It’s been a week. I’m finishing the antibiotic already even though I was supposed to finish it few days ago but I’m bad at taking pills. I hate pills. 2 days ago I found a lump behind my ear. Could be ‘cat scratch fever’. Thank God it’s gone now though. My arm also no longer hurt from the injection.

Alright I should try to get some sleep now.