Tesco Ipoh Is Slowly Turning Shit

January 28, 2011 at 2:01 AM

My January was off with a good start until this week. Oh man, my mom just pisses me off so badly that I feel I want to hang myself. It’s just so frustrating to talk to someone whose mindset is so conservative and stuck in the 50s and 60s. Someone who refused to get with the time. It’s just so damn frustrating when they don’t understand the way of life nowadays and insist that you follow their ways – back in the 60s. Fuck that shit.

2 days ago I was at Tesco, and I was buying quite a lot of groceries… I’m so disappointed with Tesco at the moment. It’s the only place to shop here in Ipoh for food, and guess what? I went to the ice cream section and it was EMPTY. That’s right EMPTY. There was only like 3 kinds of shitty ice cream. they’re prolly moving it somewhere, or something, because they just recently shifted things around and it’s so confusing, but at least have the decency to put a friggin NOTICE instead of letting me be excited, buying the whipped cream and chocolate syrup to eat with it only to find out their ice cream section is FRIGGIN EMPTY. Also almost all the time, when their stock is finished, it takes them a LONG time to restock. So good luck in finding what you want there. I’ve been wanting paprika (the cheap one from the packet) and it took them a month or so to restock.

Then comes the payment time. OH MY GOD. People were queuing up and it wasn’t even the weekend! It was on a Tuesday. I know Chinese New Year is coming up, but at least be considerate and open up MORE CASHIER COUNTERS. Jeebus cripes. Imagine this, there were …let’s say…if there was 15 counters, only 5 or so were opened minus the fast lane. There were long lines of queue and each one of them had a trolley FULL of STUFF. It’s even worst that the cashier is slow as fuck. Come on, they’re using those barcode scanner thing and not manually keying the price so it should be fast right? Well..I had 3 person before me, and it took almost an hour for my turn.. and when it was my turn she was so slow that I had to put all my stuff in the bags myself or else it would take like 20 minutes. And I didn’t even have that much of stuff to begin with. And this happens everytime I went there since I got back – which is 6 months ago. And my mom is old with a bad knees, standing for so long hurts her knees and there’s no fast lane for senior citizen?!

Tesco, pull yourself together and get your shit together. If only Giant hypermarket isn’t so far away in Tambun, it would be my new place to shop at.