Missing Kitty

January 12, 2011 at 7:01 AM

The kitty on the very right is missing.

I’ve been terribly depressed since 2 days ago. I thought she was in the car and she went missing when I went out but turns out that night she was at my neighbor’s house, crying for her mother. I tried everything so that she would come back but to no avail. I was hoping her brother or mother would lure her back but turned out they didn’t and I assume she was hiding in my neighbor’s car and they went to work and so she disappeared… never to be seen again. I am still hoping that night she was hiding somewhere else and she’s still in the neighborhood… but I know I’m just kidding myself.

It hurts me to think that she’s probably out there, all alone, cold and hungry… confused, and calling out to her mother and siblings… THIS IS TORTURE.

I have lost 2 cats in 3 months. This is just way too cruel. God is just way too cruel on me.