In All Awkwardness

January 8, 2011 at 4:19 AM

This past few days I’ve been trying to get used to the mac OS and adjusting to the excessive use of shortcuts (and trying to remember them!) and also adjusting to the keyboard. I realized today when I was using my laptop that I am no longer confusing mac with windows keys but instead the other way around.  Somehow I could no longer remember how to do a damn ctrl+c to copy text without looking at the keyboard. I keep using my thumb which is for mac (command+c) and hit the alt instead of control… you know what I mean? THEN when I go back to the mac, instead of using the thumb, I use the RING finger, which in windows keyboard is what I use for control key. Argh.

The same goes with the mouse. I’m used to using the magic mouse and its ‘magic’ scrolling thing, that I couldn’t remember to use the middle scroller thingy on normal 3 buttons mouse. I also keep ‘swiping’ the normal mouse to flip pages or go back… >.<


I took a picture with photo booth.

Ok so I took this at 3 am, looking like shit. Sue me.

I love how clear the webcam is compared to my laptop’s. What amazes me is that it’s capable of lighting the background… what I mean is that you can see the stairs and my living room without any lights on at that area. It’s amazing to me because I’ve had a lot of webcams before and none could give lighting that far before unless that area is brightly lit.

So this past few days I’ve also been trying hard to add stuff to my imac so I can actually do something on it. I’m so happy that I’ve finally installed Adobe Suite CS5 😀 So now I can edit pictures! And edit videos and mess around with premiere pro and after effects. I’m currently trying to make a test project with Second Life. It might take me longer this time because I haven’t been editing and doing motion graphics for quite a long time… I think a year! The last time was December 2009. I’ve also been looking around for cool tutorials to do and presets so I can save time by not keying everything manually hehe.

Oh yeah, iMovie is such a noob software it’s killing me! It has a few really cool Hollywood style preset trailers that you can easily add in movies and change the text, plus I love the storyboard style but gosh, I can’t do a thing there. It’s frustrating because I love the trailers! It’s like an instant trailer thing. And the music is epic too. I’m gonna experiment it once though..

And Adobe Soundbooth is an EPIC FAIL software. It doesn’t even have ‘reverse’ audio effect, wtf. I think that’s like the most basic thing! GAH. Another frustrating piece of dog crap.

If I had a HD cam I could do a lot of things. I have a lot of ideas flowing but can’t execute them. I’ve also taken interest in photography but I don’t have a camera. I want a Canon camera – an EOS camera maybe? At some are having a major discount @_@ But damn, the most expensive is like USD$12k… haha after conversion to Malaysian ringgit (RM36k) I could buy a local car already. Damn expensive camera.

I’m currently downloading like 20GB of stuff, wtf.