Alienware O___O

November 7, 2010 at 12:05 AM

I changed to a new layout!

I only wanted the old layout halloween. I wanted to change to a wintery, christmassy type of layout but I fell in love with this layout too much. This layout will stay for a while. In fact, I think I’m gonna make a new blog and use this layout too.

I went shopping today. I have lots of pics to post but I’m not in the mood for that tonight. I’m way too tired, so I’ll post tomorrow. I’m thinking of opening new blogs, and switching my main site ( to a portfolio site. Should I? Still in planning though. I am however working on a new movie review blog. I watch a lot of movies so I want to blog about them somewhere.. this blog is more like a personal blog/ranting space for me though.

I desperately want to go to kinokuniya. Even though I have a fear of driving to KL now, I’m still going back for 2 days next month so I could go to pc fair.. well it’s more like a digital IT expo but I know it’s a pc fair in disguise. Well I wanted to get a mac there but oh well.. looks like it’s not gonna happen unless some miracle happens.

I mentioned I want a mac in my previous post…  might as well mention a laptop I so badly fricken want and dream of having but could and would never own… in the market, before I bought my laptop, I keep seeing Asus laptops being the most expensive,and powerful mostly for gaming… until last year’s pc fair when I saw…



I finally saw and touched the most powerful and super sexy smecksy alienware at last year’s pc fair (or was it this year’s?)

Gosh it was too pretty….. I’m actually scared to even dream of owning one! It’s way too sexy for me…!

Good God.

I drool.

I’ve actually wanted an alienware for a long time already. It was only last year that Dell finally decided to bring alienware laptops into Malaysian market. It’s the most expensive and prettiest and sexiest gaming laptop I’ve ever seen it also come with one of the 2017’s top graphics cards for gamers. If I owned one,I would be too scared to even touch it as it’s too pretty and so expensive. If I took it out I’d fear of dropping it, breaking it or losing it and somebody stealing it. It’ll end up in a glass shelf with a tight security.

Honestly to say, alienware look kills macbook pro look hands down. Performance wise I can’t compare because mac and pc are different and each has its own pros and cons so it’s unfair for me to compare and judge. But if I had one,I’d be staring at it for hours instead of using it. Huhu,

Oh alienware, why are you so sexy and pretty and majorly expensive?!

I mean look at THIS!


I drool.

And of course, it has the ability to act as a fucking visualizer. Go figure. Why am I tortured like this?

I die.