I Want An Apple :(

November 6, 2010 at 1:24 PM

I want an apple! 🙁

No, not THAT apple.. THIS apple!

I want a mac T____T

You know, it’s so weird. I used to be against mac.. but lately, the more I see people using it, and the more I try it, the more I want it. If I have a mac, I could freelance and take editing job and earn extra money. I can no longer rely on my poor Acer laptop.. don’t even mention my KL’s whitebox computer that cost mom a frigging RM9000. Can’t even use it. It lags like hell. I’m starting to be against PC because after a year, PC become useless if you don’t upgrade. Fuck that, ok. I’m not rich to keep upgrading my computer.

That’s why I want a mac T___T Actually I want a few of apple products like:


I badly want this. The reason is that it’s better than a macbook in terms of specs. Of course it has bigger screen, space and processor. Perfect for editing. Unlike a pc, having an imac is less cluttered than having a PC. Takes up much lesser space too compared to PC. Plus an apple product is handled by apple and not mixed with different companies for each hardware. But I can’t decide between this and-


The main reason for wanting this is because it’s PORTABLE! It’s easier for me to do freelance editing and edit stuff in front of clients. Comparing this to my acer laptop, macbook pro is far superior. The battery lasts longer too compared to my 1 1/2 hours acer laptop on lowest bright setting. The only downside is that the screen is small… editing on a 27in screen is way better. Specs-wise, it’s lesser a bit than an imac but still superior than my current laptop.


Oh gosh I’ve been wanting an Iphone for such a long time… and I was hoping I could get an iphone 4 but I got the Blackberry Storm2 first and fell in love with it, so I didn’t get an iphone. Even though I love BB to death, I’d still want an iphone for entertainment. It’s well known that you can get almost any kind of apps for iphone unlike BB which is geared towards business people.


I’ve also been longing for an ipod touch for a very long time… the only downside is that it uses wifi only. But good side is that you can still use apps but not tied to any phone company. This can be an alternative for entertainment while using my BB for 24 hours internet connection and push mail.

You wanna know what else I want?

A kindle!

There are ebook readers in Malaysia as alternative to kindle since amazon don’t ship kindle to Malaysia, nor offer its contents to Malaysian, but I don’t like them. You have to download books on your comp then transfer to your reader. Kindle is way better and way cheaper too. I want kindle 🙁 Even though I can use kindle and its contents on my BB, it sucks reading an ebook on a BB.

Why oh Why?

I’ll just go listen now to my complete set of Harry Potter audio books that I downloaded couple of days ago :\ Funny, I don’t remember where I saved my HP audio books that I downloaded before… oh well. I want to go to Kinokuniya:(