Happy Ramadhan!

August 11, 2010 at 1:47 AM

Happy Ramadhan!
Happy fasting!

So tomorrow, actually it’s past midnight now so it’s today, muslims will start the fasting month.. I love fasting month, the only thing I don’t like is the temptation 🙁 During the daytime when you see food ads on TV or when you go shopping and you see non-muslims drinking or munching something but you can only see. The good thing is that, fasting month means it’s only one month away from Eid celebration, so time for shopping! And there’ll also be lots of food in the evening before the break of fast. And also you’ll lose weight, haha.

Another thing is that, they say it’s the time of month when the satans/devils will be locked up. So this is the month where you can walk at night with confidence. It’s also the month where the dead will be free from ‘torture’. Funny thing is that, this month, for the chinese, coincidentally it’s their ‘The Ghost Festival/Hungry Ghost Month‘. For them, it is the month where the gates of hell opens and the dead walk amongst the living (I think). Funny how these two intertwined in the same month for 2 different cultures/beliefs this year.

Speaking of ghosts, few days ago, I was paranoid. You see, my cat would usually sleep calmly at night but that one night, she was just staring at a corner as if she saw something that I can’t see.. she had that look as if she sees a stranger, with a shocked look on her face. I got so scared because I’ve had some strange occurrences since I was young (yes creepy ones) and few days prior to that, I had the scariest nightmare that made me wake up with my heart beating so fast and hard. Yes it was THAT scary and I have high tolerance for nightmare and scary stuff, so for me to be that scared means for those who gets scared easily, it would KILL you. It was pure nightmare.

Also my house has been broken into before. Whenever I’m here, I always get scared when I hear any noise outside. I prolly would be less scared if I had security cameras or any sort of security system in my house. My neighborhood gets so lonely and so quiet at night, you won’t even see a sight of stray cats outside… that’s how lonely it is. You could literally hear a pin drop, that’s how quiet it is. Since I sleep in the living room downstairs, so I have to turn on TV at night so I don’t get paranoid or hysterical.

Oh yeah, I was sick last week right? On Sunday, I woke up with no voice. I lost my voice but thankfully I gained back my voice few hours later before I went out with my friend. I seriously thought I was getting better.. but boy was I wrong. The next day I woke up with no voice again, and this time IT STAYED. This past 2 days I’ve been struggling to talk, and been using sign language. Now I know how deaf/muted people feels like. I also was coughing so badly last night to the point of vomiting. So mom gave me her cough syrup that she got from the hospital and it seems that it kinda worked. I gained back my voice a bit today, and so far I haven’t been coughing like mad.

Well I’m kinda busy with my new website now, need to finish it asap, so I’m gonna get back to it now.