Prepaid Broadband?

June 11, 2010 at 2:09 AM

I’m so not happy here in my hometown. At least if I had internet, it’ll be different. I’m so sick of having my laptop freezing everytime I’m connected to the internet using my phone as modem.. I don’t know why. If I’m lucky, I can use it for quite a while, but if I’m not, my laptop would hang after 5 minutes. It’s been driving me INSANE. I can’t do anything on the internet! And I have loads to do. I miss my broadband. I’ve been throwing temper tantrum, my mom has been driving me nuts, I’ve packed my bags and threatened to go back alone, I’ve also thought I was gonna die when I had a serious asthma attack or something and couldn’t breathe at all and oxygen couldn’t get to my brain.. I couldn’t move or get up or even open my eyes o_O; Seriously thought that was it. I’ve been so stressed, depressed and unhappy, it actually defeats the purpose of why I wanted to go back in the first place – to have some relaxation but I’ve been getting NONE since I arrived!

Anyways, I’ve been thinking of getting prepaid broadband. Now, it may not be as fast as my KL broadband, but what choice do I have? I hate the fact that I have to top up everytime, and they have quota.. I can’t live with a quota! I wanna watch youtube, download stuff, stream stuff.. a, for example, 3GB quota is not enough! I remember how my internship place had Maxis broadband which I’m assuming had quota and not unlimited… when I first connected it was like wow! Good speed… until 10 minutes later when everyone in the office was using it and the speed dropped down to 1kbps! Fuck that shit. Loading yahoo would take 10 minutes!

Beside, with prepaid broadband I’d need to buy the modem.. which is useless because it cost RM200 and I’m only gonna use it for a month.. urgh I want my streamyx back!

I wish I was going somewhere else to get some relaxation for my brain..  I wanna go there or anywhere.. just to get out of the crazyness that is my life and just space out for a while.. stay low and just have fun and forget whatever problems I have.

Speaking of problems, Fitness First still hasn’t called. I’m not gonna call this week. I’m gonna wait until next week so I have a reason to be pissy at them for not calling me for a week after they promised they would. I just don’t want to deal with that at the moment.