Fitness First

February 28, 2010 at 9:11 AM

I wanted to write a blog for a contest but I missed the dateline because I was too busy so oh well. I’ve been missing a lot of topic that I want to write for a blog. Hmm. Okay. I wanna talk about gym.

Couple of weeks ago, I got a call from Fitness First gym nearby that they’re having a promotion. You see, I love FF because they give a starter pack which consist of a bag, towel, water bottle and headphone to be used in the gym.. they also give complimentary beverage so you can drink after a work out or if you just wanna chill and have a drink. They also give out DVD rental. But the thing is, the curve branch has turned platinum.. which means, it’s now an exclusive club and without platinum membership, you can’t get in.

Now, platinum membership. It’s expensive. It will burn my pocket hole. Only perk is that I can have access to all club, including the Curve branch. I like the Curve because it’s easier to park car compares to the one in Uptown which is closer. Uptown is like 5 minutes away, Curve is like 10 minutes. I’d have to pay almost RM700 for joining and RM215  monthly.

But then I got a call saying I can have the student price. I only have to pay RM285-ish and RM189 monthly or something. I guess I can’t pass this up because platinum membership at price of normal membership, that’s a good deal. However my friend has joined Celebrity Fitness recently because they had a Chinese New Year offer. RM400-ish. That’s the same amount I got  as student price before lol. Still a bit too expensive. However I can also get RM179 price monthly (student price) BUT I don’t have access to any other clubs other than the one in 1Utama. Urgh. The only reason I want there is because of the classes.  They have zumba, and they have a lot of interesting classes, including pole dancing.

Well I guess I’m happy with FF more.. now I just need to have motivation to go there.