Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2010!

December 26, 2009 at 4:22 AM


Christmas was very dull. I spent half of the day sleeping. Xmas eve I spent watching American Pie: The Book of Love and then bore myself to death. I wish I was out celebrating Xmas with my friends or out partying. At least tonight I went out for a bit so at least I was doing SOMETHING.

I’m in a confused state. You know that when you don’t agree to something, how do you tell people without hurting their feeling? I always suffer when I’m forced to keep my mouth shut, accept whatever even though I don’t agree to it and absolutely not happy about it. But how do you deal with someone you promised yourself you’d never go back to, but it’s like an elastic band that the more you try to stay away, you always end up bouncing back to that person?

I’m tired. I’m tired of dealing with someone. This past few weeks I haven’t been happy. All I want to do right now is sort my life, enjoy life and then find someone whom I feel comfortable with. I hate when people assume I would agree to something without even asking me. WTF is that? Oh I guess my feelings, my thoughts, my decisions are not important at all. I”m just here to please people even though it kills me.

God. I wish I could just disappear right now. I want to go back to KL right now. I want to forget this forsaken place. I’m not forgetting where I came from but God, this place is killing me sloooooowly. I just wanna get out.

Anyways. Yeah, I’m in Ipoh right now. Sucks.
Well, I’m looking forward to 2010 where I”m gonna try my best to change my life. Like a major change.