Michael Jackson’s Memorial

July 11, 2009 at 1:34 AM

I finally have some time to blog tonight.

I have come to realize that I need a new 1 TB external HDD. This semester, I have so much video files with huge sizes that they start to eat my space. PC Fair is at the end of the month, so gonna try to somehow find a way to get some money for new HDD ..AND.. laptop cooler, cuz I badly need it. However, my one and only tv in my room is starting to really make loud noises sometime so I’m scared that it can die anytime, which means, if I don’t have backup money to buy another cheap tv, I’m screwed. Televisions are quite cheap nowadays, but I still can’t afford them. I’m so sick of watching a small 14 in tv.

So last Wednesday morning, around 1 am, I watched Michael Jackson’s memorial live on tv and online at CNN.com. CNN did a cool collab with facebook that allows people watching the video to update their status there, so everyone was updating their status like crazy as if they’re chatting, wtf. The memorial was extremely EMOTIONAL. Seriously. I cried. I did not expect that. I was disappointed with the closed casket though but later I found out why. When Mariah Carey started the memorial with her singing, and her voice was like cracking as if she was about to cry, that was sad. It got even sadder when Brooke Shields broke down.. when Jermaine sang Charlie Chaplin’s song from the movie Modern Times, gah too sad! I started tearing up.. at the end when Marlon spoke, I was already in tears BUT when PARIS spoke about her dad.. that was it.. I started bawling my eyes out! Imagine, you’re 11 and someone close to you just suddenly passed away..that has got to be traumatizing so Paris really made me sad. It was weird to see Prince and Blanket just chewing gum emotionless though.

I stayed up until 5 am watching the memorial, along with updating and refreshing facebook because some people were watching it too at cnn.com.

I have more to blog about but I’ll do it tomorrow. I’m so tired right now, I stayed up all night last night finishing my video assignment which thank god, had positive feedback from my lecturer or else I stayed up and worked my ass off for nothing. I’ll post it here sometime soon. Right now I have to do some stuff, relax, then sleep but gah, Saturday class tomorrow morning. I need to start blogging for my other sites .. gah, been too busy. This semester has been my most hectic semester, I can’t believe we’re going into week 9 already.

Oh my uncle came here for a week.