King of Pop

June 29, 2009 at 2:15 PM

I”m still saddened by the news of Michael Jackson’s death. It shows how fragile life is. One minute you could be enjoying yourself and the next you could be dead and you would never expect it. But what’s even sadder with MJ is that even after his death, people still talk bad about him. That guy is dead, let him rest in peace, come on. I hear all this stupid shit like he’s not actually dead but planning a new identity, he now lives in Graceland with Elvis Presley (who people claim is not dead) etc. I’ve been watching some of his old stuff and it made me even sadder. He had a very hard life.

I’m very interested to know what will happen with his cute children. Poor kids an orphan at such young age. They do have a mother but she hasn’t been with them for ages so you can’t count that. Probably she will fight custody now because hey — “it’s MJ’s kids, I can make money out of them“. We’ll see. Surprisingly Billy Mays was found dead at the age of 50 too…just a day apart from MJ I think.. weird. RIP.

I’m going to get ready now to go to old workplace to get some stuff. When I was there, it was quiet and empty because one by one finished their internship, but now the other office is a chaos and almost everyone is always there now working part time.. they even watched Transformers 2 together last week.. I was never invited to join anyone for anything while I was there before. But then again I wouldn’t have time because of the workload but still.. I might go watch it tomorrow alone.. I have no one who likes Transformers to go with and those who do, have already seen it.

Since I’m going there, might as well eat Ayam Penyet (flattened chicken) because Ayam Penyet is just simply awesome. Oh and bubble tea. My favorite.

PS: I so need a part time job.