The Sims 3

June 14, 2009 at 12:52 AM

I was told that when loading this blog, there’s a warning about malicious malware. Strange thing is that I don’t get any warning when using firefox, but I do get it for like a split second when I use google chrome. Anyways.

I don’t know what to blog about. Been busy the whole week. I came back from Ipoh on Tuesday. Rushed from Ipoh at 7 am and I drove at 140 kmph, and I have never driven that fast before. I managed to reach KL exactly at 8.30 am. Awesomeness.

We managed to shoot half of our planned music video. It has been fun so far.

I finished downloading THE SIMS 3. I’ve been waiting for it for ages. It is the awesomeness. Took me almost a week to download the 5.5 GB file. It’s completely different from The Sims 2. Much better graphic too. The people is not cartoonish looking anymore, they actually look nice. The neighborhood is nicer, good thing is that NO MORE LOADING SCREEN. So that means when your Sim go to work, you can actually follow, but you can’t see them working though. You can go anywhere in the neighborhood including visiting other Sim without the loading screen all the time.

The buttons/menu is totally different from the previous game. More nicer. I’m still trying to get used to things in The Sims 3. So far I just killed my Sim after less than an hour of gameplay due to electrical shock. The game lags a bit because it’s quite heavy since the whole neighborhood is active at the same time. Also, you can customize almost everything in the Sims. It’s awesome.

However, The Sims 3 only comes with one neighborhood. There’s a free neighborhood that you can download for free but since mine is illegal copy, I can’t download anything which requires legal copy and sim points so no extra stuff. Well okay, off to exploring The Sims 3 while doing my work at the same time. Ciao.