The Wizard (1989)

January 25, 2009 at 9:40 PM

I just finished watching THE WIZARD.

Overall, it’s not a bad movie at all, very entertaining in fact, minus bad 80s acting and clothes. The only thing is that, there’s not much of ‘gaming’ involved, when the point of the movie is to get the kids to the Video Armageddon competition to win the prize money of $50k. Since Nintendo sponsored this, they could’ve at least showed more bad-ass l33t gaming skillz. The powerglove part was extremely amusing, especially because last night I watched AVGN’s review on the powerglove, so amusing.

Luke Edwards was soooo adorable XD I used to love him when I was like in middle school, during my time when I was a teenybopper, obsessed fangirlish… anyways yeah, Luke didn’t say much in the movie .. his line was just “Caliifffoorrniiaaa” as imitated by Nostalgia Critic, lol, and couple more words. Christian Slater was so hot in the movie… I was never a fangirl of him, but I still think he’s hot.. And Fred Savage.. I always think he acts too mature for his age, like in The Wonder Years, and Vice Versa (where he switch body with his dad). Everything else that Nostalgia Critic said was true lol… so no need for me to comment…

But guess who I spotted?


Can you spot a very familiar face?
Yes? No?

Haha, it’s none other than TOBEY MAGUIRE, Mr Spiderman/Peter Parker himself. Haha, he was soooo adorable! Too bad that scene in the screenshot is the ONLY scene he was in, and for like few seconds. He didn’t even have any line, he just stood there looking cute.

Now I feel like playing Super Mario Bros 3… hm do I have that game rom?

Ok, now I’m gonna do …something. I finished downloading DISASTER MOVIE, I’ll watch it later despite all the bad reviews..spoof movie are all extremely terrible, yet I can’t stop watching them *shrugs*. The only good one was Scary Movie. I”m downloading ROBOCOP 2… I miss that movie.. one of the movies I was obsessed with when I was 11 because of Gabriel Damon (the badass kid in that movie). If not because of him, I wouldn’t touch the movie at all lol. But not denying, they did have interesting storyline and Kane, the badass drug dealer turned robot makes a good villain.


Ok I’m gonna watch America’s Next Top Model now.. I don’t get it..why did they show cycle 11 before cycle 10? That’s like screwed up o.O