Nintendo Nerd

January 25, 2009 at 10:32 AM

This is just a quickie post..

I have barely slept last night.. well maybe like an hour or so..or less. I’ve been addicted to watching youtube. You see,  there’s this guy called James Rolfe or better known as “Angry Video Game/Nintendo Nerd (AVGN)” and if you’re into Nintendo or old school game consoles, you’ve prolly heard of him. I haven’t watched his stuff for a while so I decided to watch his stuff last night.. and then I found out this guy, a movie critic, much like AVGN, called Nostagia Critic.. and he has this ‘feud’ with AVGN.. which later I found out it was all just a set up and they’re both are actually good friends.. but it was so hilarious. So I’ve been watching both of their stuff whole night long..

The thing that started their ‘feud’ is because of this movie “The Wizard“. Nostalgia Critic was gonna review it first, then AVGN wanted to do the same at the same time.. yada yada.. so I watched NC’s critic on the movie. You see I”ve never heard of the movie, but based on NC’s hilarious critic on it, it caught my interest.. it has Fred Savage (from The Wonder Years), Christian Slater (omg he’s absolutely young and hot in this movie) and very, very young Luke Edwards (I thought he looked familiar). Storyline? It’s about a Nintendo game competition! Not the best story though…

But I decided to download anyway. It’s a 1989 movie, I was 5 years old! lol. Anyways, I’m always not so fond of torrent.. as it’s too slow for me.. if I”m lucky, I’d get 30 kbps speed which is extremely rare.. but usually it’s just less than 10 kbps.. but guess what? The Wizard was downloading at 100 kbps-ish! A big effing WTF! Seriously?? How the hell it can go up that fast?? So now I’m gonna go watch the movie.. if you’re interested, here’s Nostalgia Critic’s clip about the movie, The Wizard.. trust me, it’s hilarious.