Dr Who Stuff

December 24, 2008 at 3:44 PM

I was watching Dr. Who last night, and it was one of the best episodes. I found out today that David Tennant confirmed he’s leaving Dr. Who.. wtf. NOOO! Tennant is the hottest and the best Doctor yet! Even Christopher Eccleston isn’t as hot as him 🙁 Oi, if they don’t cast the 11th doctor as good as Tennant, the show will suck. You know who I think will look good as The Doctor? JOHN SIMM.

John Simm is absolutely hot <3 (he’s the regenerated Master in the clip)
Unfortunately, he already had the part as The Master, so he can’t be The Doctor…
Derek Jacobi was absolutely amazing as the old Master.
So then today I was checking in youtube and I found this clip which is bloody hilarious:

OMG I was laughing my bloody arse off. Love it when Catherine Tate asks “Are you the Doctor?” and then David went “Doctor Who?” Haha. Cuz you know, Catherine Tate was the Doctor’s 3rd companion. And then love it when David zaps Catherine and she poofs into Billie Piper’s “Rose” figurine (she was the first companion).. haha.

Oh and I loooove the Scottish accent.

If David Tennant is my teacher, for fucks sake I’ll get 20 A’s plus, perfect attendance record award and 10 kids from secretly raping him after class <3

You know what else is bloody hilarious? DAVID TENNANT IN DRAG! In a Dr Who spoof:

Goddamn for a guy, he has hot legs o.O;