Gone for Camp

November 23, 2008 at 7:35 PM

I had 2 very long days, extremely exhausting and tiring. I wanted to blog about them and post pictures but I’ve been too tired.. also, I’m still in the process of downloading and reinstalling programs that I used to have so I can’t resize pictures and stuff.

So anyways, tomorrow I”ll be gone to camp for 3 days. I’m kinda not looking forward to it, yet I wanna go cuz I wanna get away from my life here at the moment. My uncle came today so he’ll be sending me to college and picking me up. I have to be at college tomorrow by 8.30 am. Bleh. I won’t be bringing my DS Lite so it’s gonna be boooring. I won’t be doing physical activities either. So Skyler, YOU ARE SO GOING so we can be losers together 😀

I doubt I”m gonna have a good time but wtf. Oh well. Be back in 3 days.