November 19, 2008 at 10:13 AM

Yesterday I was bored and sleepy so to avoid falling asleep during the day again and fuck my sleeping pattern, I decided to watch 2 movies.


Surprisingly enough, I haven’t watched this movie. It was on cable lots of times before, but I just turned it on, and didn’t watch it. So yesterday I decided to watch it. I’m more into kicking zombies ass action movies but this movie wasn’t bad.. not much of the infected and after they all got to the military base area, it was slow and started to get boring. However, great to see Christopher Eccleston in it! My fave 9th ‘doctor’ after David Tennant XD


Then after watching 28 days later, I decided to watch COLLEGE, just because Drake Bell is in it (he’s hot ‘mmmkay?) It’s a typical college movie… 3 losers want to change themselves, have fun, get drunk and get laid decided to spend the weekend at a college as ‘potential freshmen’ but they decided to stay at the frat house instead and as usual, frat boys are arseholes, right? So the losers get bullied and all…

Weird to see Drake in a college-type movie with nudity, booze and foul language cuz he was a Nickelodeon star so he has that Nick’s good teenage boy look.. you know, like Disney kid.. good kid type of image.. but then again, who am I to question? Jamie Lynn Spears was the star in Nick, and she got herself knocked up and with a baby at 17. Lol. Horny slut. Just like her big sister.

But anyways, the movie turned out okay. Typical and still watchable unlike other lame college movie with bad toilet humor. Now I’m gonna watch ZOMBIES! ZOMBIES! ZOMBIES!… which is so lame and shit but I’m gonna watch it anyway.