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November 9, 2008 at 2:24 AM

MM Tootsie Roll is actually not bad. I decided to buy it yesterday at Ikano, since Ikano’s the only place where you can find imports not available anywhere else in Malaysia.

Anyways, me and my ex decided to call it truce and be friends again last week. He suddenly messaged me on MSN and I was so surprised.. cuz you know.. it’s been 10 months… anyways, I learned that forgiving is better, and my life would get better just like how I forgave my classmate and so I forgave him. He’s changed a lot. More understanding this time. He even encouraged me in studying and going through my exam, which is something he’s rarely ever done before.

To top it all off, he surprised me with RM100 last Wednesday by banking it into my card account so I could spend it on whatever yummy food I’m craving for, he said. πŸ™‚ How nice of him, especially since he’s also kinda tight on financial, having invested them on his own tuition center but he spared me some..


I watched QUARANTINE 2 days ago I think… it was ok. I mean, it’s sorta like a blair witch project kind of movie, where they film the event and people finds the footage sort of thing. It’s not really THAT scary cuz you could barely see the zombie/infected people’s faces clearly because of the shaky handheld cam but there are some ‘shock’ moment. I’m probably going to watch Dance of the Dead tonight.

Oh yeah, I haven’t blogged about my last class for Film Appreciation.. haha it was fun cuz we watched ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW.. and I was like silently doing time warp dance in front (I was sitting on the floor). I hate this one girl who kept turning off the aircond… like she owns it. If Mr Eddie was there, he would not let that happen… he would’ve told the girl to ASK the class first if we wanted to turn off the aircond. Bitch. If you’re too cold, move to the back… geez. But it’s funny how people keep turning back the aircond after she turns it off lol.

I wanted to do the makeup like Dr Frank-n-Furter with Skyler, but I arrived too late πŸ™ Also, we got to know our marks… I got 36/40 for all 5 movement movies analysis… and 86/100 for my movie analysis essay assignment… my friends got like 91 or something and i was sooooooo pissed. It’s because I didn’t deserve it! I was so stupid, I forgot the credit part and bam! 5 marks gone! I would’ve gotten 91 too.. GRRRRR… even though I got “excellent work” remark on my paper.. Grrrrrrr.. SO pissed.

Anyways. Going to watch something now.