High School Musical 3: Senior Year

November 7, 2008 at 11:37 PM

I finally fucking watched High School Musical 3!

It was awesome.

Fucking awesome.

Camp Rock needs to learn from HSM 3 because wtf, they claimed to be the best musical movie yet after HSM (and claimed to be better than HSM), and yet it turned out shittier beyond words? It’s only a hit because of Jonas Brothers. It fucking sucks like you have no idea… everytime I watch Camp Rock, I feel like killing a hobo. Please, no more Camp Rock. No more Jonas Brothers.

HSM 3 was fucking awesome. This time you could definitely see the strong chemistry between Gabriella and Troy because they’re offscreen couple too. What I like is that people in the movie breaks into song and dancing every 5 minutes, with extremely complicated choreography and extremely catchy and upbeat songs and oh so colorful set. It was awesome. I wasn’t bored at all, and didn’t realize the movie went on for 2 hours… didn’t feel like it. That means I was enjoying every minute of it. Camp Rock, please learn from HSM 3 before even calling the movie a ‘musical’ because there was absolutely nothing so musical about it except for a couple of songs, with the cast flailing their arms and flapping like a bird… which looks so ridiculously retarded. Sorry Demi Lovato.

Time to download the whole album. I absolutely love the catchy upbeat songs. Maybe I’ll download the movie too. Yeah… I wonder if cinema copy is watchable enough… I’m so getting the DVD when it comes out. No wait, I”ll just download the DVD ripped copy. Nevermind. Hmm unless it has special features worth spending money on…

After the movie, Skyler and I went  back to Ikano (we watched it at Cineleisure) and relaxed at Starbucks. You see, she has a friend working there, so she’d get free frap drink… so I wanted to buy one and she asked the guy to give me the 30% staff discount and turned out he gave it to me for free, woot. My first free Starbucks frappucino. After relaxing, we went up, and we went to the pet store and were looking at some creepy crawlies and really freaking cute hamsters and bunnies. Then we went shopping at Cold Storage. We went to Shihlin snack stall to buy snack and then to IKEA for the cheapest thing that we could find so that we don’t have to pay for parking – we each got ourselves a mug for RM2.50.

Then back to Starbucks. She got another free frap lol. We relaxed, played with DS… then went back home at almost 10 pm. So freaking tired now. I’m going to watch a movie now. Later.