July 25, 2008 at 9:58 AM

I’m going to college in a bit for group discussion so I’ll make this fast and short. I’ll blog more later today. We’re going to finalize our advertisement today before we go and shoot it. Hopefully no other big problems will surface… I’m really worrying on the talent. I have a feeling something will happen like schedule clashing and so on. Location too.

Anyways.. my ear has been hurting so bad that 2 days ago I could barely talk. Now part of my neck and upper ear near the left temple has swellings… argh.. my ear is swollen too… so on the way home on Wednesday I went to the pharmacy and got myself eardrop and painkiller. Mrf. Mrrrrffff. It hurts 🙁

Just one more week to go through before I can go and buy my monitor!!!! FUCKING FINALLY! I’ve been waiting for like what? 2 months? I’ve been saving up and thank god I managed to have enough money for the monitor. Then I’ll be completely broke 🙁 I’ve always mention this… anyone wanna take me to vegas and win me mooooneeeyyy??? lol. There’s gambling place in malaysia (only in genting highlands) but muslims can’t go in. Oh I just found out there’s a hotel there called Golden Nuggets or something? That amused me lol… Funny name for a hotel.. makes me hungry though… hmm thinking of chicken nuggets.. yum

Okay got to get ready now….argh ear hurt!!