Suspicious Site

July 16, 2008 at 10:09 PM

Sorry people. If you came to the site since couple of days ago, you may have noticed that my blog has been FLAGGED as being a suspicious site…

I had absolutely no idea wtf was that o.O

But it’s true, when I loaded my site, my antivirus warning told me that my site is distributing some kind of trojan. I have no idea where the fuck that came from, but after that I deleted any links I see suspicious, I don’t think it’s distributing trojan anymore, I’ve asked google to re-review the site again and I think my site has been deflagged. Let me know if you still see it flagged.

This past 2 weeks had been extremely stressful to me but the hellish part is sorta temporarily over. Tell you about it tomorrow. I decided to treat myself with Dominos Pizza tonight as part of stress relief.