June 15, 2008 at 5:21 AM

It’s 4.40 am.
I still haven’t slept.
Still trying to think about what am I going to present tomorrow.
Argh, this is so stressful.
Hah, after 40 minutes of thinking… I got it..I’m going to present about ghosts in malay culture… hehehe. Easy. It’s something I like, and sorta know by heart. Though I have to read on them though today just to refresh my memory.

I’m back to craving foods. For the past few weeks, I’ve lost appetite because I didn’t know that I was actually slowly getting sick…hence why I lost my appetite.. I lost some weight too and I was so happy. Now I fucked it all up. Since I’m better now, I’ve gained weight and started craving foods again and eating a lot. Right now I’m craving for Wendy’s again. I like them because they have square meat lol. So that means their meat is bigger. More yummier. Why can’t they open a franchise that’s nearby?? I’d be so happy cuz I don’t have to drive all the way to Sunway Pyramid. Especially since the petrol price is ridiculously high right now. They’re opening 3 new franchise but they’re all far away 🙁 Poo. Oh well, I’ll wait. I read that they’re planning to open 70 franchise here…if I remember correctly.

Have I told you I have a FOOD BLOG???? Go check out SINFULLY DELICIOUS!!
Not fully done yet, but yeah….. *shrugs*