The Odyssey TV Series

June 14, 2008 at 7:54 PM

This past couple of weeks I’ve been reminiscing my childhood memories. From video games, to favorite past time to favorite music, to cartoons and favorite tv shows. So for the next few entries, I’m going to dedicate them to my favorite childhood memories. Thanks to the existence of youtube, I can now reminisce about my childhood while watching clips from the shows that I used to watch. Now this entry is going to be about THE ODYSSEY!

Opening Credits for Season 1

Opening Credits for Season 2

Opening Credits for Season 3

The Odyssey is a Canadian TV series that I used to be so obsessed with. I watched it religiously every Friday at 4 pm. I would tape every single episodes until the end of the season. It aired in Malaysia around 1997-1998, I can’t remember clearly. Or was it 1999? I loved this show because it’s for kids or teens, about kids/teens. The story is simple yet complicated. Jay fell into a coma, and while he’s in a coma he goes on this adventure to find his home, and his dad in a world where kids will never grow up beyond 16 years old. No adults in the world.

I loved it because of the cast and the story. Illya Woloshyn is hot in it… then I knew Ashley Rogers from Now & Then movie ..unfortunately I found out that Ashley passed away last December from  accidental heroin overdose… Then there’s Tony Sampson… Jewel Staite (I loved her from Flash Forward), Devon Sawa (I’ve been obsessed about him since I was 10 or so) and Ryan Reynolds 😀 Oh Andrea Nemeth (you might have seen her in Scary Movie)

It’s fun to watch every episode to see what obstacles Jay will face, then at the same time in his real world, you’re hoping he would wake up from the coma because he reacts every time they mention something about his dad, Brad Ziegler. I also love to act scenes from the movie because that’s what I always do when I was young, lol. I’ve been hoping for a DVD to come out but so far, no luck 🙁 I loved this show.

Ok, posting this entry for reminiscence #2.