June 10, 2008 at 3:00 AM

I’m currently sick. I think I have tonsillitis. Last week I coughed out bloody mucus so I’m positive it’s tonsillitis. Currently my throat is acting crazy…then I’m losing my voice.. I can barely talk. I keep coughing like I”m dying. Blah. At least I don’t have a fever.. maybe I did, but it wasn’t bad…I think that’s why lately I’ve been feeling sudden cold then warm and stuff. Please, no chain of sickness.

And currently my phone line is acting up. I’m using my 3G modem, and I hate that it’s slow (well can’t be compared to normal net at home) but at least I’m still able to log on and surf the net. Well I better get some sleep now. Argh I want this cough and sore throat to be gone! I feel awful.