What if..?

June 3, 2008 at 5:55 AM

I can’t sleep. So I’ve been doing random stuff… I stumbled across the crap about “Doomsday” or “The End of World” or something like that… which says a comet will destroy earth on 2012 or something. That lead my fascination continue to search for stuff and so I ended up looking about galaxies.

You know the Hubble space telescope?

I’m currently having goosebumps. You know, the images captured by that telescope is abso-fucking-lutely amazing. To see the universe and stars that you never thought you could see.. it made me ponder…

…..how big is the universe? The question that has been on everyone’s mind. It’s so amazing, is it not? Is there a beginning? The end? And what kind of stars or galaxies or whatever beyond what we’ve seen so far…
…..life… you know.. you don’t know how big is the universe.. I don’t think it has an end. And I think it’s impossible for us to explore even deep and further ..well maybe we could in like 2340783095835620354732059749057057390457209385 billion trillion zillion years if the earth still exist lol. You know I’ve been thinking.. we always are so excited talking about the possibility of life on mars.. I’m thinking, what if, in billion of trillion of zillion miles away, there are actually more planets like earth? Where there’s life just like us… trying to find out about other life and other planets… you never know.. there could be lots of planets out there with life.. living exactly as we are now.. wow..imagine that…

…..afterlife…….you will never know until you die but i can’t help but to ponder… God… it’s just so crazy to imagine ‘God’.. i mean if you look at the probably endless universe, where is God.. and what God is like.. for me, as Islam, you read that some prophets could go up and see god.. isn’t that crazy to imagine? Don’t get me wrong though, not doubting His existence..

….Before life… You hear the story about Adam & Eve.. but what I’m pondering is how did the universe came to be? All those crazy shit…like “What is the beginning of everything”.. how everything came to be.. all these questions will never be answered and it’s making my head hurt.

I’ll just keep pondering these questions…………………. the mysteries of life and the universe.
See what lack of sleep can do to you…?