Sufiah Yusof aka Shilpa Lee: Prostitution as Profession

April 7, 2008 at 12:15 AM

If you haven’t heard about Sufiah Yusof, do google for more information. Basic stuff – Sufiah Yusof is a math genius. She used to make headlines in Malaysian newspaper when I was about 13 when she entered Oxford University. Her father is a Pakistani (who is well…bad with criminal records) and her mother is a Malaysian. She used to have this sweet, innocent, naive look on her. I’ve read about her running away from house when she was 15 to get away from the pressure of her family especially her father, but after that she really got into Islam. She married Jonathan Marshall who converted into Islam…but unfortunately her marriage ended a year later. Her ex said that the reason for their separation is because he’s more into Islam and she’s more growing out of the religion and she’s confused. She’s not heard until….

….News of the World UK sent an undercover report thus revealing that she is now working as a prostitute/escort for roughly £130 per hour (that’s almost $900 malaysian ringgit!) I’ve known all along that a genius like Sufiah is not *that* stupid as people think she is. She did not sink this low to ‘survive’. She could have done a lot of things because she’s a genius. She could be living large right now if she uses her brain. But did it ever occur to you that she’s into prostitution not because to survive, but it’s the path she has chosen? Come on, she’s a MATH genius.. she’s already calculated all the money she’d get lol…

The recent news from NOTW has revealed her confession (as in the video too) that she clearly chose this ‘profession’ as her career. She clearly enjoys living in the dirty fab world of prostitution. Getting the money.. getting the stuff.. and most importantly getting all the sex she wants o.O; Here’s my two cents on it. Why are people making such a big fuss? She’s an adult now, and she’s free to do whatever she wants to – it’s her life. Why is the Malaysian government thinking of sending help to her? Let her be. It’s her life. If it’s something she enjoys, you wouldn’t be able to stop her until she realizes it herself that it’s wrong and sinful (especially since she’s a muslim) Hopefully she’s not doing drugs too. Now to Sufiah… hope you would realize this is wrong, not a glamourous or honourable profession and go back to the right path. How could a devoted muslim like you turn into something like this? Think of the future girl, not now… now you think you’re living faboulously, you’ll regret it in the future. You’ve already damaged your reputation, don’t damage your health and future.

Just my two cents. It’s just sad a genius could sink this low. It’s sad too that her father is such an abuser and a molester lol.