March 5, 2008 at 12:12 AM

Woah. Today was very tiring O.O;;;;

First thing is that, I miss my baby Aaron. He’s on business trip in Yokohama since yesterday, and for this 2 days we’ve only talked for a total time of 6 hours. It’s driving me nuts at the moment…but thank goodness he’s going home tomorrow… so I’ve been trying to keep myself busy… which mean, I accepted the one day part-time job offer at my college today… TELE-MARKETING!

One thing I hate is contacting people on phone. lol. Since my mom encouraged me, so I decided to go. I had to call 80 people for me to get paid and I did! I came at 12 pm, boy was that a mistake. I saw the rest of chinese girls (like 4 of them or so) calling up people and a guy – APEX! Haha.. good thing that there’s someone familiar there. I was freaking out at first to call but once I started, I couldn’t stop o.O;I was working nonstop until 5.15 pm…. I totally didn’t feel it was long because seriously, I got so busy time was passing by like within a blink of an eye. Apex finished a bit earlier than me but he was so nice to wait for me to finish, he even called someone to help me finish my last entry lol. I shouldn’t be scared you know.. since I was in secretarial course o.O I had experience before… but it was all interesting and a good experience. And we had so many funny calls lol. Me and Apex were laughing.

Yesterday was fun too… we had practical again and I took pictures and LOTS of videos but I”m too tired to post. Maybe tomorrow. Hehe. RIght now I have works to do so I’ll end this blog here. Tomorrow I”ll blog more and post pictures! God I feel so dead. Oh I just downloaded motorama movie, FINALLY! I went to Ikano yesterday alone, and saw Sony HD flat screen tv for RM20,000…fuck. But damn…if only I could get that huge HD tv, plus HD dvd player…then set my house like a home theater…put some home theater chairs…just like a mini movie theater like how I saw on MTV Cribs..then wow… I won’t even leave the room! LOL. Total relaxing time watching HD DVD movies… 😀

PS: I’ve changed the layout..might change it again though