EDITED// 6 Movies Reviews

November 11, 2007 at 9:53 PM

Harry Potter & Order of the Phoenix

I won’t talk much since I’m too tired and my back is hurting like a bitch.

Today after I was done with school stuff, I watched Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix with Aaron in SL. FINALLY. Usually my tradition would be watching it on the first day it premieres, if I can, the first morning screening. Unfortunately this year I’m in KL, not really used to going alone to movie cinema here so I didn’t watch it πŸ™

My expectation wasn’t high… the first 2 movies were complete to me. Like almost true to the book, and you feel the magical of it. Starting 3rd movie, and changed directors, and they were more into cinematography, cgi, the movie seems darker and incomplete to me. Like I’m not satisfied at the end. Ok so 4th movie is acceptable, but still felt something missing. In the 5th, they left so many important stuff in it. I was so looking forward to quidditch but no, no quidditch. Harry was supposed to be made captain right? And Hermione and Ron… they never mentioned that they were made prefects.

In the book, Harry is supposed to be really bitchy and moody and pissy. In the moody, he seems happy most of time. Only moody at a short while but not the same as portrayed in the book. Nothing on the elves. No St Mungo’s scene. Was expecting more on Sirius’ death and more mourning time instead of just sudden like that. Voldie looked sissy instead of powerful. Not much on Draco and they didn’t include Harry punching him (if I remember correctly?)… what about Firenze taking over for a class? ….loads more.

However, Professor Umbridge is PERFECT. She was so annoying and bitchy that I felt like using avada kedavra on her and dumping her body into the sea…just like how I felt when I read the book. Luna Lovegod is perfect too πŸ˜€ Not much Tonks or any other characters. Hagrid appeared like 10 minutes? But overall, the movie is good. Better than expected. I enjoyed it a lot. Still can’t beat LOTR. And I still think the first 2 are better…. we feel the magical world…we were introduced to bertie botts, fat lady portrait, the ghosts like peeves, moaning myrtle… all the magical things…now it has just lost its touch. It’s more of a dark thriller or drama than magical fantasy to me.

The Simpsons

I was seriously depressed when watching this… so I didn’t really get into the movie.. I only found some of it funny but not that funny, you know? I know Aaron was laughing hard when watching this with me πŸ˜› But I love the Simpson… they’re the most dysfunctional family I’ve known lol.

Rocky Horror Picture Show

Watched this on SL with Aaron too.. I’ve been wanting to watch this for ages. I’ve heard so much about it but I’ve never seen it. Haha. I don’t get most of the time but the songs are catchy. It’s supposed to be a parody of horror movies and most noticeable one is Frankenstein lol. However the movie is hilarious, even though it’s fucked up. Tim Curry is PERFECT as the ‘Sweet Transvestite from Transexual, Transylvania” Dr. Frank-n-Furter. Haha can’t stop looking at his face.

The songs are all so catchy. I love ‘The Time Warp‘, the catchiest song from the movie. And it’s funny. I love the movie lol. Even if it’s fucked up as hell and made no sense lol.


Also, lol, watched this with Aaron on SL. Finally I get to see it! It was awesome! The movie was in bad quality though so hope to get the DVD soon. But Shia Lebeouf was hot in it, and the effects were awesome.. and the movie is funny. I’m sure you’ve seen the movie πŸ˜› It was awesome lol.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning

I watched this horror movie also with Aaron in SL as part of our horror movie night shortly before Halloween. We wanted to watch Saw but couldn’t find it so settled with this instead. I didn’t notice the movie is actually texas chainsaw massacre…but the opening scene was gory. Lots of blood. That’s enough to catch my attention. No complicated plot. Just some fucked up people torturing and killing other people in a very fucked up way. The gore was ok, but not gory enough for me. Was expecting more. Brutality is there, but not enough.

I love Jordana Brewster in it. She’s pretty πŸ˜›

See No Evil

I watched this alone in SL. I thought the movie would suck. Main actor is Kane from WWE… the first scene when I watched this was like DAMN, brutal as hell! And it was bloody gory. Again, enough to catch my attention to watch it. Overall, the plot was dumb. Some delinquents sent to a hotel the get killed…so typical. The killings are brutal and bloody, which I loved. But the movie sucked πŸ™ Kane was good as a psychopath though since he does look like one.

The only other known actor in the movie beside Kane is Christina Vidal (from Freaky Friday). Well gore-wise the movie is good…killings are brutal… but story or plot-wise… none.. totally cliche b-type movie. But it was ok nonetheless.