There and back again by Bilbo Baggins

June 29, 2007 at 1:21 AM

I’m back in KL. Was up all night and went to bed at like almost 5 am, and woke up at 7 am. Packing and stuff, we left Ipoh at like 9 am πŸ™ The plan was to leave at 7 am LOL. So we reached KL at 11 am and I was speeding at like 140kmph. Hehe. It’s so fricken hot here πŸ™ I need an aircon but we need to buy a refrigerator first cuz my cousins took their fridge so now we are fridge-less lol. So tomorrow I’m going to go look for a new fridge with mom and try to go register for college. Can’t believe June is almost over. Time flies by so fast! Before I know it, it’s year 2008 blah. I’m getting old by the minute πŸ™ *gets depressed* Anyways! I’m happy that I finally recovered from my sickness yay. God that was hell, lol. I hate that sickness… and oh migraine.. the worse pain ever.

Transformers premiered today- no it’s 1 am already, so it’s yesterday.. ahhh! I’m twitching to see because I saw making the movie in Channel V last night and it looks pure orgasmic. And of course, Shia Lebeouf looks even more orgasmic πŸ˜€ I seriously didn’t realize it premieres yesterday lol, I was thinking of watching it ‘next week’ cuz I thought it’s next week. But next week I’m going back to Ipoh again *sighs* so I can go to the cinema to watch it πŸ˜€ Then after that wait for Harry Potter movie and book.

So as usual, while I was in Ipoh, and was backing up my JPOP mp3 into my MP3 player to transfer to this new comp, I found some old stuff LOL.. Like this –


…………………ROFL. An old purikura pic of me, Diana and Sharina from year 2003… I’m not sure if that’s just it or there should be more hmm. Actually if I could remember correctly, the purikura machine was in Japanese and I haven’t learned any Japanese at that time so we were clueless, LOL. So those were the first shot that we took and we were like HOLY SHIT TIME TO TAKE PIC cuz we weren’t ready and had no idea what was going on… so we were like posing and stuff for the 3rd and 4th shot… but Diana were the one controlling menu and accidentally/randomly chose the 1st and 2nd pic (hence why we look weird in that) so we wasted our money on ugly pics LOL. So stupid.

Here’s another thing that I found!


…………………………..I can’t remember at all about that animation sequence .. I don’t think I did it … o.O Maybe one of my old online friends did it cuz I can’t remember it at all, LOL. MMMM I want burger.

And the last thing I found… I have so much junks in that old computer….


……………………………………… on the picture to view full size. LOL. That was something from my Critical Thinking class back in business school.. I loved that class to bits because it was the only fun class in business! And the boys were so goofy, we would always laugh so hard. I remember one time we had to invent something and my group invented a portable sushi heating box, LMAO… it was called something uh… Kansai something something i can’t remember. And we got 2nd place.. the 1st place group invented GLOW IN THE DARK TATTOOS.. lol. Their point? So that their tattoos would glow when they go clubbing LOL. Love them boys.

Anyways, about the picture above, LOL, we had to draw and explain rich and poverty, LOL. So i drew a picture of myself being rich πŸ˜‰ OK so it’s not a good drawing pffffft πŸ˜› But I had so much fun. Can’t remember which group won, lol. Ok that’s all from my old junk collection πŸ˜›