Argh torture!

June 18, 2007 at 11:29 PM

Goddamnit to the 7th HELL! Grrrrrr.

Argh. This morning was fucking horrible. Yesterday the whole day I was coughing real bad and my throat hurts like a goddamn son of a bitch and I completely lost my voice. Felt like ripping my throat out and throwing it into the dumpster. Then my nose started to get all stuffy and later that night, I wanted to go to bed early but at like 2 am, things got worst. I couldn’t breathe, my chest hurts like hell, couldn’t breathe through my nose, been coughing like hell.. it was pure torture πŸ™ So had to wake mom up.. and tried everything I could think off, steam my face with boiled water, drank medicine, drank coffee, ate hot noodles so my lung would clear up and I could breathe and sleep but nooooooooooo… nothing worked! And I was like so tired, so sick, so sleepy but I couldn’t lie down πŸ™

But thanks heaven for the CRIME AND INVESTIGATION NETWORK channel.. yay! They launched the new channel on June 15th but I couldn’t find it o.O I thought it was on this one channel but no, that one is the science channel o.O I was like WTF? So yesterday I finally found the channel and guess what? They had a documentary titled BULLIED TO DEATH, and it’s obviously about school shooting. So imagine how happy I was, lol. So waited until like 2am and watched it, and of course they showed COLUMBINE πŸ˜€ Eric Harris yay. I love the new channel so much. 24/7 crime and investigation stories, hell yeah! After that I felt like I was dying πŸ™

I wanted to go to a clinic badly but I couldn’t drive myself πŸ™ So waited until like almost 6 am and finally went to bed even though my lung was wheezing and stuff…. i had weird dreams too lol but I’ve forgotten what πŸ™ I do remember one weird ghost dream but it wasn’t scary enough πŸ™ I woke up at like almost 4 pm feeling totally like shit, lol. But i got on SL, had some more medicine.. sickness worsens.. but right now i’m feeling a bit better.. i can breathe through my nose, chest not so in pain anymore and i can lie down so yeah.. i better get some rest now.

I hate tonsillitis… stupid chain of sickness… it could last like a week πŸ™ going from one sickneess to another… and damn, if I was in Ipoh i could take advantage, LOL. But in KL blah I couldn’t πŸ™