Shrek the THIRD

June 1, 2007 at 12:27 PM

Yaaaay I’ve watched Shrek the Third. 😀

Yesterday I kinda overslept 🙁 Sharina called me at 10:30am and I was like OH SHIT. So I was like rushing to take a shower and get ready, picked her up and luckily there was one empty parking spot but it was like 11:20 am already.. bought my popcorn (GODDAMN I’m addicted to their caramel popcorn) and went in at like 11:30 am.. argh. The movie has already started LOL. Cinema was packed XD So I’m glad we bought the tickets earlier or else we’d be getting the very front row.

The thing about watching a kid’s movie is that there would be kids.. and they can’t keep their effing mouth shut and control their effing hyperness. Grr.

Then after the movie is over we went to MPH Bookstore and we were drooling while looking at chocolate cakes recipe books. Then we were looking at language books. We were trying out the spanish workbook etc. Then we went to eat lunch at Johnny’s. Sharina was being fussy so we had a hard time trying to find a place to eat, LOL. So at Johnny’s, I had the set of beef BBQ rice, Thai Tom Yam soup, a scoop of chocolate ice cream and Thai fragrant tea.

After eating we went browsing some stuff. Clothes mostly. I bought a t-shirt and it was only $10 hehe. I wanted more clothes but I had no more money 😛 Then when we wanted to see some fish exhibition thingy, I saw my cousin! I already bumped into him yesterday. I didn’t want to bump into him again so we ran to the market and I was surprised when Sharina said it was already almost 7 pm, GEEZ! I thought it was like 4 or 5 pm x.x So bought my McDonalds for dinner and went back home.



Now the movie is about after the (frog) king’s DRAMATIC death which was so funny, Shrek who doesn’t want to take the responsibility of being the king of Far Far Away set sail to Worcestershire (which is actually a school) to find Arthur AKA Artie (voice by Justin Timberlake.. sooo sexy) to bring back to FFA to be king but at the same time Prince Charming and the villains (Captain Hook, Rumpelstiltskin, Cinderella’s ugly sisters etc) took over FFA. So now it’s up Shrek, Artie and the rest to save FFA.

First of all, frankly speaking, it’s not as funny as the 2nd installment cuz seriously, the 2nd one made me laugh so hard because they introduced Puss in Boots. He’s the best character. But nonetheless, the 3rd is still funny 😀 Although it’s more towards adult theme like Shrek’s problem about having his own little Shreks etc. The jokes are more towards adult too like when they changed a shop’s name to “Hooters”… Kids don’t understand all these o.O;

The best parts I love were the king’s death scene, LMAO it was so dramatic. And glad they still include the Puss in boots’ trademark – the wide eyed kitty beg look – SO DAMN CUTE. Pinocchio is also funny. Haha then the old nutcase Merlin (you know the magician).. he’s funny! And when he messed up the spell and Puss in boots switched body with Donkey, LMAO that was funny! OMG when he tried to do his cute kitty trademark in Donkey’s body, LMAO. The last part was funny… all princesses get together and stuff – Princess Fiona, Snow White, Cinderella , Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty. I won’t spoil it for you 😛

Now I need to go see Pirates of the Caribbean 3.